Friday, September 23, 2016

"Here Comes The Rain Again"

After a summer of pretty well no rain, it is a pleasure to hear the rain again. We woke up to mild, muggy weather this morning. We headed out the door at 5:20 for our walk. By the time Chuck left for work at 6:30 the temperature had already gone down by 5 degrees. By 10:00 it was in the 50's. Very Fall like day.
For me that means a bread making day. I got the bread started and headed for downtown just a short walk away. I mailed a card, picked up a few groceries and visited the library. After I dropped off a movie we had checked out I thought I would just have a quick browse. No such thing for me in a library! Yikes, I should have been home 10 minutes ago! I quickly checked out my books and movies and practically ran home. This is what the bread dough looked like when I took it out of the oven where I had it rising.
I punched it down and put it in the pans for the last rising. Wait, what was that?? Sweet Pea meowing at the door. After a quick snack of "Mariner's Catch" he hopped up on the couch for a wash.
It was pouring rain by this time so I couldn't push him outside. He was making sure he wouldn't be thrown out. Look at that face!
He discovered something flinging around.
His tail!
Must attack!!!
Be cute so she let's me stay inside……..
One more attack.
By now he was thoroughly pooped so I let him crash for an hour or so.
I started the Fall decorating. I picked up some small pumpkins and gourds with the idea to fill up this old toolbox. I believe I have mentioned this toolbox before. I think….. Anyway my Dad made it when he was 21 or so. He was starting his electrical apprenticeship and had to have a toolbox. He went out into one of the barns and put this together in a few minutes. That was in 1953. It was in the workshop at home my whole life. One day 20 years or so ago I asked him for it. He thought it was funny that I would want "that old thing". I love it! I misjudged how many gourds I need. I will purchase some tomorrow at "AppleFest"
Our neighbour has a beautiful Maple losing it's leaves so I collected some this morning and will put them in a bowl.
Here is the finished product! I kneaded in some raisins in the loaf on the left. I usually cut the loaves in half and freeze them. I love peanut butter on homemade bread for breakfast.
The bees are still busy in this bush. Our gardener neighbour Mervin did tell me what it was but I have forgotten.

I can hear the bread calling to me. I will sample a piece just for quality control purposes of course!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Leaves That Are Green"

Today on this first day of Autumn, Summer is having a hard time letting go. Warm and humid today but by the weekend we are supposed to be in cooler temperatures.
 Do you recognize what this is? I found it on the outside windowsill on one of the living room windows. Someones muddy footprint!
The flowers are still beautiful around the yard.
Gorgeous! I hope to bring some inside and dry them for the winter.
Sweet Pea is still paying us daily visits.
As are a few other cats. I think the word is out that we are cat friendly. This lovely big orange and white cat hung around for a few minutes.
The cat below is the one I saw the first day we came to view our home. Still rather timid but it didn't run off the moment he saw me. This was the best photo of the few I managed to take.
All the cats around has not been very good for attracting birds to the feeders. The squirrels are very bold and will come. Chickadees are frequent visitors too. Hopefully as the weather turns cooler more birds will show up again.

Do you remember I mentioned two weeks or so ago about my friend Janice and her husband Keith coming to view a neighbours house? Well, they bought it! The final paperwork is going through and next Spring they will move in. The elderly gentleman who lives there now wants to stay in the house until April. How wonderful!

Busy weekend coming up with AppleFest and company coming. I plan on taking my camera to the festivities. Hopefully I will remember to take some photos to share with you! Have a good weekend.

Take care.

Friday, September 16, 2016

"Time Is Passing"

Where did the last week go? The time is just flying by. Daily visits from this handsome guy are a pleasurable way to spend some of the time.
We have received some much needed rain over the last week. Wonderful to see the lawns greening up.
On our walk last Sunday morning we took the camera along to take some photos of the town to share with Chuck's cousin Chaya. I will share some of them here with you. Be prepared, there are quite a few!
When the new grocery store was built they kept part of the facade from the old bank that had previously occupied this corner.
Great antique store with a cafe inside too.
Lovely old post office. Still has the wooden mail slots for people that pick up their mail here.
Wonderful park where there always seems to be something going on. Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings to concerts a couple times a week.
Good use of an old bicycle!
So many beautiful old homes.
A Bread and Breakfast.
Another great store. Kim, we must pop in here!
The sky was so blue that morning.
Love the balcony over the front door.
Morning Glories in front of one of the churches.
Original horse tie up.
Old coach house.
Love the little glassed in front porch.
Yes, it is starting to feel like Fall here.
 I received a gift certificate for my Favourite Nursery from a neighbour. I took care of their home when they were away. I waited for a month to use it as I wanted to get some mums. Here is one of them on our front step. They are enormous!
Look at the gardens across the street from us. They are put in and taken care of by a local nursery. The neighbours are all wonderful and friendly. We are very blessed. The neighbour on our left side worked at my Favourite Nursery for years. Every Fall he divides a number of his plants and he stated to Chuck he will give them to us. How kind!

We are enjoying living in a small town. It is so handy to be able to walk everywhere. Next weekend is AppleFest here in Brighton. Always so much to do and see. We have a few friends coming to enjoy it with us. We are really looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather cooperates!

If you hung on until now, thanks!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 9, 2016

"Moments In Time"

 This morning I was thinking about how many photographs I have taken over the last year or so. Probably a couple thousand. Split second remembrances of daily life. I guess that's why I hang on to old photos. A moment in time saved.
As we continue to pare down our possessions, I am having many mixed emotions. If you are a long time reader of my blog you know I tend to hang onto things. Chuck and I were recently going through a tote full of our childhood toys. I still have my Barbie! Crazy, I know. I imagine if we had children I would have passed it along to a daughter, then granddaughter if it survived that long.
My Mum was a fantastic sewer and made many of my Barbie clothes. These were from her purple phase. Even my bedroom was purple!
This was my favourite dress and shawl. Love the geometric pattern.
Did anyone else have a case for their dolls? Yes, I still have it! I am having a hard time with the thought of just tossing it in the garbage. The Barbie, from 1966, is in rather sad shape. No toes or fingers.
My Dad always wore a suit to work so my Mum would visit our local dry cleaner on a weekly basis. The gentleman who owned the store made doll furniture on the side. I remember seeing this set sitting on the counter when I went in one day with my Mum. I remember she boosted me up to take a closer look at it. Obviously she went back later and bought the set because I received it for Christmas that year.
It is made from tin cans. The detailed work must have taken the gentleman hours to do. I am struggling in deciding what to do with it. One of our local thrift stores "Bibles For Missions" has a monthly auction where they put the antiques that are donated to the store. I am thinking this is where I will donate these items.
Visiting the store today I found another copy of  "The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady" My original copy is a small, tattered paperback one. This copy is a mint, hardback edition. I love her drawings and observations of nature throughout the year 1906. For $1.00 I couldn't pass it by.
I also picked up this funny, little book. Lots of hints and the sketches are very sweet.
Speaking of sweet, Sweet Pea made himself right at home yesterday. He came in for a snack and dashed into the living room when my back was turned. This morning I walked out onto the deck and found feathers blowing around. Someone was busy! No wonder he didn't rush to the door to come in  for breakfast.

We continue getting settled into our new home. Tomorrow the weather is not supposed to be good so I will be catching up on some baking and Chuck is installing new brakes and some front end bits on my Mustang. Sunday we are attacking the gardens again. I want to plant tulips here and there around the yard so I must get the garden beds ready. The last three homes we have owned most of my gardens were in the shade. Now they are mostly in the sun so I am gardening very differently. I am noticing what the neighbours (gorgeous gardens!) have planted and plan to copy some of it.

Have a wonderful weekend!