Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"I Say a Little Prayer"

This little guy (gal?) may have been praying I would pop outside with a few peanuts for him/her. It worked because I did!
This little bird sat on the dining room windowsill for a minute or so a few days ago. Is it a warbler???
Mr Squirrel doesn't look like he has the answer.
This silly Robin is still jumping up at the mirror on a daily basis. This has been going on since late March.
A new batch of young ones are at the feeders. The parent in the front kept shoving sunflower seeds into the young one.
My friend Janice and her hubby Keith both lost their mothers within a couple months of each other last year. Both ladies possessions were doled out to various family members. Janice got quite a bit of jewelry from both ladies. Janice is not a big jewelry person, wearing pretty much the same rings, necklace and earrings every day. She knows I love anything old so passed along to me a few items. Janice's mum loved ducks so had these pins made out of wood to wear on her jackets.
This locket had been Keith's Moms. It was given to her from the family to celebrate Keith's parents 25th wedding anniversary.
Snowdrops I think!
There were many pins. I do wear them on my jackets so will love having a few to choose from.
Very glamorous! This was Janice's Moms.
There were a few pairs of earrings too, all clip on, something I have never worn.
Saturday morning I could have used a wagon or something similar on our walk. A number of people must have been cleaning out sheds and basements. I picked up a couple bushel baskets to use for Fall decorating but had to go back with the car for this. A pair of very old shutters were put in a local communal wood pile. I didn't want to be greedy so only took one. It is pegged together with wooden pegs, not a nail or screw anywhere. There appear to be three layers of paint, first green, then red and lastly white. Chuck hung it up in my little courtyard at the side of the house
A mixed bag of weather the last week or so. I took this early one morning over a neighbours house.
Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is? I took these photos early one morning while it was still rather dark. I just lightened them up a bit. He definitely had orange legs and feet.
I thought maybe an immature heron????
So clear one morning I managed to get a few good shots of the moon.

Chuck recently signed on to a full time position at his work so no more contracts!!! Finally some vacation time,  sick days, family days, etc..... Right now the plan is just to work for a couple more years or however long his shoulder holds out. I will not love getting up at 5:30 on the cold Winter mornings but we know it isn't for long.

Have a good day!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Mama You've Been On My Mind"

With it being a rather dreary day here today I decided to catch up on my ironing. It seemed every time I went into my closet to get out a blouse it wasn't ironed. Ironing always makes me think of my Mum. She and Dad married in 1957. Before they were married my Mum had completed her nursing training. They were married two months afterwards and my sister quickly came along followed a few years later by my brother and then another few years later by me.  My Mum loved to iron! After I was born my Mum went back to work full time but always worked the 3 to 11 shift. Monday morning was ironing time in our house.
Mum had a sprinkler exactly like this one. As I was home with Mum while my brother and sister were in school I do remember her letting me sprinkle the clothes. I can remember sitting on the kitchen floor playing with my Barbie while Mum ironed. I spoke to Mum today and asked her if she still irons on Monday morning. Sadly when she fell last December she injured her arm and finds it terribly uncomfortable to iron. She stated she does miss it but at 83 does not feel guilty giving it up! She now mostly wears soft clothing so no ironing is really required.
We have had a few sunny days thankfully. I looked up the name of this bee. It is a "Green Sweat Bee" Interesting name!
Mama and Papa Cardinal have been busy at the feeders.
My poor little bird bath has seen better days.
Cortes popped by for a quick visit. Quick because Miss Kitty spotted him and chased him off. I don't know what it is about Cortes she doesn't like. To watch them run off it looks like she is chasing off an annoying little brother.
One evening I looked over to our neighbour's clothesline deck. These two were crashed there.
Smokey early one morning.
Miss Kitty is certainly enjoying the log. It is a favourite scratching post.

Quiet week this week after all the adventures last week. Off to spend the afternoon with my friend Norma tomorrow after a morning of errands. Goodness, what an exciting life I lead!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, July 10, 2017

"Girls On The Beach"

What a fabulous time Kim and I had! The weather forecast wasn't the greatest but we ended up with perfect weather.
As you can see by Smokey and Miss Kitty the weather has turned warmer. They were flaked out together one afternoon.
Cortes popped by one morning. His head is looking a little small compared to his body in this photo!
Kim has a more detailed post about our days so head over to her blog! We visited Wicklow Beach one morning. It was perfect, not a soul in sight! We dunked our feet, skipped stones and had three HUGE carp come almost right up to us in the water.
We visited a few thrift stores. If you remember Louie lives at the Northumberland Humane Society Thrift Store. He was out back enjoying the lovely weather so we headed out to visit.
Of course we had to visit my favourite farm market, Rutherford's. It was quite a warm day so not many animals out. The rooster was enjoying the shade in one of the covered areas.
I couldn't let Kim go home without seeing all the great critters at The Big Apple. We went first thing in the morning so it was pretty quiet. This goat was gazing up at Kim after she stopped scratching him.
We had a quick stop at Twindmill Antique Market too. I spotted this painting and just fell in love with it. Not too thrilled about the frame but the Cardinals are so beautiful.
We had a terrific visit from start to finish and the time goes by so quickly. Looking forward to Kim's next visit!
Saturday Janice and I went to an Art Festival that was taking place in our downtown. I don't quite get the connection of a man on an Ostrich (?) with art but he was terrific anyway!
This was my prize of Kim's visit. Kim gets full credit for me having this! She is so strong, I could not have lifted this. With such high water levels so much driftwood and logs have washed up on local beaches. Now that the water has receded a bit people are picking up all these wonderful items. I thought this log was perfect for a table/plant holder/ seat so wanted to bring it home. Kim got it to the car and lifted it out again at home. My hero!
Sunday Chuck and I visited Colborne and found a wonderful store called "Lots of Stuff" It is a mixture of old and new. I spotted this purse and of course was attracted right away to the cat on the front. The initials are mine without the R for my first name. The tag stated "Vintage Hand Tooled Leather Bag" You know it came home with me!
Look who showed up! It had been over a month since we had Punkin come for a visit and I feared the worst. He looked terrible last time I saw him. He looks much better although is thin. He has come two mornings in a row now for breakfast.
Cardinals on and off at the feeder.
Miss Kitty has taken over the log for now. She posed so prettily for me yesterday afternoon.

I hope everyone is doing well. I will be visiting all your blogs this week to catch up.
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Up Around The Bend"

We finally are receiving some Summer like weather and a few days in a row without rain!
I put this lawn chair out on the deck for Miss Kitty and Smokey. Hard to see but one of the black squirrels is enjoying it.
Miss Kitty being silly.
Janice and I had a road trip Sunday afternoon. Our destination was "The Big Apple". A neighbour had mentioned she had purchased a lovely flower pot there so we were on a mission. Along the way we stopped at a few places. One was an antique market. Penny, the cat above, was the greeter. Very loving and wanted lots of attention.
This grey lady was at a great store called "Cree" Wonderful organic beauty products and lovely home furnishings.
Below is the inside cat at "Cree". She is 17 years old and very friendly. I have forgotten both their names!
Janice and I finally made it to "The Big Apple". I can't begin to describe everything that is there. It started out as a restaurant and over 20 years has expanded so many times.  This is the view one way from the top of the giant apple. All new apple trees planted with the 401 highway in the background.
Large windows are all around the baking area.
No luck finding the flower pot so we headed out.
A few items at the antique market. Love the old kitchen utensils!
Sweet raccoon planter.
I have the second tin down from the top. I haven"t seen all these sizes at once before.
We meandered home along the back roads and walked along a few beaches.
As the day progressed it got cloudier and cloudier.
But not at my favourite farm market, Rutherford's.
Lovely eyes.
Janice managed to attract his attention and Mr. Llama looked up.
Petting zoo at "the Big Apple". Everything was clean and the animals looked all very well taken care of.
Lots of chipmunks around.
Lots of young animals too.

A great afternoon even though Janice did not find her flower pot. We made it home just as the rain was starting. We both dashed into our backyards and pulled our wash off the lines. The rain was not forecast and was brief but heavy.

Kim is coming for a visit this week. We are bound to get some rain but hopefully not too much.

Have a good week!

"I Say a Little Prayer"

This little guy (gal?) may have been praying I would pop outside with a few peanuts for him/her. It worked because I did! This little b...