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"Say Goodbye Today"

Hi everyone! I hope you all are good. We are just fine here. The months have whizzed by. I was shocked to see it has been three months since I last posted. Winter seemed to take forever to leave and Spring has been drawn out with a few hot days thrown in. We had a lovely vacation in the beginning of May near our old hometown. So lovely to see the familiar places. We visited with family and had a wonderful time. So much so we are heading back again in October! We rented a cottage on Lake Ontario. The sunsets were incredible. We loved eating out on the porch and lazing the days away.  Miss Kitty and Smokey are still around. Most of the other strays seemed to have disappeared. Ralph and Cortese come by occasionally but we haven't seen Snowball since last Fall. Lots of visitors to the feeders on a daily basis. We even had a snapping turtle in the yard last week! I want to thank everyone for reading and commenting on my blog over the last few years. Yo

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