Friday, December 9, 2016

"Cold Rain And Snow"

Snowball doesn't look too happy being outside in the cold rain and snow. Don't worry, she was let in right after I took this photo.
She is such a large cat. Look at the size of her feet! The cat's visiting seem to go in rotation. Sweet Pea has made himself scarce this last 10 days or so. I saw him eating at the outside food bowl's yesterday but he only stayed a minute or so. He doesn't want to come inside anymore and seems rather wild. Snowball comes in the afternoon's for a snack and cuddle.
One of the many squirrels enjoying a peanut.
I caught a small flock of Canada Geese just as the sun was going down.
Snowball does love Chuck!
Crows have been coming to snack on the peanuts I put out. I watched this one for a few minutes. He stuffed his mouth full of peanuts and flew into our neighbours yard. He then spat them out and ate just a couple. The rest he buried. I watched him plunge his beak into the grass, grab a peanut and put it in the hole, then push the dirt back over. He then grabbed a leaf and put that on top too. I didn't realize crows buried food. I must look up online more about crows.
I had a nice surprise this morning. On Facebook I posted this photo on a bird food company's contest page. They feature a different bird monthly and ask you to post your own photos of the bird. I got a notice this morning I had won November's contest. It is a random draw from all the photos they receive.
The prize is $25.00 in coupon's for their bird food. Nice way to start my day!

Otherwise it has been a pretty quiet week this week. Just regular chores and errands.

This Sunday into Monday we are supposed to get a real blast of winter with cold and snow. Thankfully Chuck doesn't have to work until Tuesday so driving should be better by then. I am NOT a winter driver and once the snow hits I don't do much driving unless the roads are clear. I had a bad accident in the snow when I was a teenager so winter driving does not thrill me.

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.
Take care.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Cold Feet"

We received about an inch of snow Sunday night into Monday morning. I woke up during the night and could see it was bright outside. I had left out a couple bowls of food in a protected spot on our deck. When I got up I went outside and saw footprints all over the deck. Judging by the size they were either Sweet Pea or Miss Kitty. Punkin and Snowball have huge feet. Olive only comes by in good weather. We do know where Olive lives as we saw her in a window at a house about a block away.
The squirrels were busy too. I tossed out some peanuts on the deck and the black and grey one came for a visit.
My Christmas (Thanksgiving?) cactus has a few blooms on it. Poor thing, I know they don't like being moved and this one has been moved a few times. I purchased it in Nova Scotia in early 2000, then moved it back to Ontario with us in early December 2004. It stayed put until September 2014 when we moved into our last house, then moved here this past August. It gets around!
Incredible sunset Sunday night. The sky looked like it was on fire.
I finally remembered to take a photo of this cute fence that we pass by on our walk. I want this fence!
This is one of our favourite homes in town. It is a simple, unadorned home. I really like the rounded window on the second floor. Many homes in this neighbourhood sport these windows. The house has no additions and I imagine it looks pretty much as it was when it was built over one hundred years ago. I would love to see it on the inside.
This home is very old. It was built in the 1860's. The aluminum siding is masking much of the original details. The front part is three steps lower than the rear part as the front was a shop for many years.

We are slowly learning more and more about our new town. We are history buffs so have purchased two books on the history of Brighton and our library has an extensive collection of historical books too.

Two blogs I enjoy reading are ending this week. One permanently and the other temporarily. I have enjoyed reading Sue's blog for many years and just recently found Jono. Sad to see them go!

I hope everyone has a good week.
Take care.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

"Pads, Paws and Claws"

With the return of colder weather we are being visited by the neighbourhood cats on a more frequent basis. Miss Kitty is usually the first one in the mornings. She I believe is a stray. Talking with a neighbour recently she mentioned she (Miss Kitty) has been in the neighbourhood for a few years. I let her come in the house a couple times a day but she is still very skittish. I can pet her but as soon as I run my hand down her body she pulls away. I don't want to be shredded so I won't attempt to pick her up.
Also with the cooler weather I have been going through my cookbooks looking for some new recipes to try. I came across this old cookbook a year or so ago at our local library bookstore. It was in a box of books they had just received. The volunteer running the store told me to take whatever I wanted out as she hadn't had time to go through it yet. I spotted a plain, black book and opened it up. This is what I saw. I almost did a happy dance and clutched the book to my chest. I did show it to the volunteer but she said all the books are the same price so again  for a toonie ($2.00) it was mine.
The book is in fairly good shape with only a few loose pages. The recipes are very interesting. Obviously this page was a favourite!
I really enjoy the advertising in these old church cookbooks too.
Physician's advertising!
I can't imagine hanging out clothes in a blizzard. That is quite a claim!
My Dad remembers his Mom getting her flour in barrels
Here is the photo of the church from the front of the cookbook.
St. Johnsbury is a small town with a population of 7600. It is in Northern Vermont 77 kms (48 miles) from the Canada/U.S. border. The church was built in 1847 and this past Summer closed and amalgamated with another church due to a dwindling congregation. Below is a recent photo.

We spent yesterday morning in Trenton doing errands and checking in with our banker about our retirement savings. Next door to the bank is a delicatessen that sells food from around the world. For me Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Pffernusse. My Oma made it every year and it probably has been 16 years (since she passed away) that I have had really good Pffernusse. I have attempted to make them over the years but they turn out like little cannonballs! This brand comes close to hers. I had to taste them to ensure they were good! I imagine these will be gone before Christmas. Katenzungen is a new tradition for Chuck and I. Chuck's cousin Chaya down in Connecticut sent us some for Hanukkah five years ago and we have been enjoying it ever since. Luckily we can find them locally. Bonus, they were having buy one get one free on the Katzenzungen!
Isn't she gorgeous! She came in for a snack yesterday and a cuddle. She loves to be brushed too. I wonder if her owners question why she isn't too hungry when she goes home!
Gorgeous sunset a couple nights ago. The cloud on the left looks like a snowy mountain.

We are off for a long walk today as it is a lovely morning.
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, November 28, 2016

"Beautiful Sunday"

With nothing pressing to do yesterday (and Chuck's knees were feeling good!) we decided to head out for a long walk. There are so many great places to walk in Brighton. We have been wanting to walk down to Presqu'ile Bay (sometimes called Brighton Bay) since we moved here so Sunday was the day. First up though I wanted to go back down a street we had walked down on Saturday. A squirrel was perched in this hole in the tree on Saturday but of course I forgot my camera. He wasn't there on Sunday. Oh well!
We had to walk down this very long, straight street to get to the Bay. Along the way is an old farm. Driving by I hadn't noticed all the old farm equipment but walking you see so much more.
It looked in pretty decent shape.
I love the old wagon.
There is a street in Brighton named after the family.
The barn is in beautiful shape. You know what I wanted to do!
A little farther down the street we came upon Butler Creek. This creek meanders all through Brighton. We have so many trails and we found another one but we will explore it another day.
Very large cedar trees.
The bark is so interesting.
We found the Observation Point we were looking for and it was gorgeous. And we had it all to ourselves!  It was so pretty I could have stayed all morning.
I was so surprised to see so many swans.
As I was standing and taking the photos I could hear some snuffling in the cattails at my feet. There was a small path down the bank into the cattails so somebody was down there!
The swans did come over and check us quickly out. There are houses around part of the Observation Point so maybe people feed the swans. I didn't bring anything with us so the swans swam off.

We stayed about a half hour and then headed home in a round about way. Our stomachs were growling so we knew it must be lunchtime. We ended up being gone a couple hours and walking 9.5 kms or around 6 miles. A great walk which we will do again.

I hope everyone has a good week!
Take care.

Friday, November 25, 2016

"You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover"

On a recent trip to one of our local thrift stores I was going through the books as I always do.  They have them stacked with just the spines showing so you can read the titles. I spotted a slim green book with no title on the spine so I pulled it out. It was "These Things Are Ours" by Gwen Frostic. It was such a pretty book so for a toonie ($2.00) it was mine.
What a lovely book! Not knowing a thing about Gwen Frostic I searched online to find out about her. She was born in Michigan in 1906 and passed away in 2001. She has written and illustrated many books. "These Things Are Ours" contains original illustrations, poetry and prose. The paper and the bindings were all made by her so no two books are alike.
Some of the drawings are just a few simple lines but are so beautiful.
It is a book all about nature and the four seasons starting with Fall/ Winter.
The pages are all different kinds of paper. This one with the bluejay was a very rough paper.
This adorable chickadee is only about an inch high.
I find it very relaxing to read her books.
I think this is a flicker.

Trilliums I believe. I am keeping my eyes out for any more of her books. This one was printed in 1960 and is in perfect condition. I do see them on ebay. Hmmm….Christmas is coming up!
Terribly blurry photo but the best of the bunch I took of Chuck and Snowball. She was wiggling around wanting to look at everything when she came inside a few days ago. We haven't seen Sweet Pea and Olive in a few days since we received some snow. Staying in their warm houses I guess!
This squirrel was glaring at me. There wasn't any peanuts out on the deck for him. He shortly got some.

A stay at home day today. I don't go and fight the crowds at the Black Friday sales. Not my thing!

Have a great weekend.