Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Animal Attraction"

 You may remember I mentioned in my last post we were planning a road trip for Thursday if the weather was good. Well, we couldn't have asked for a nicer day! A little drizzly in the morning but by noon the sun was out and it was around 60F. Our destination was PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary in Roseneath. Owned by a lovely lady, Shelia Burns with the help of around 23 volunteers. They take in abused, neglected and aging animals, primarily donkeys. Every Thursday and Sunday afternoon they have an open house so people can come and see the animals and learn about them too.
As with most farms there were a few cats around. We had just started the tour and were standing beside a fence to meet one of the donkeys when Cleo the cat jumped up onto Chuck's shoulders. There was no way she was budging so Chuck carried her around for most of the tour.
I believe they now have around 20 or 23 donkeys, It was hard to count as they were moving around quite a bit enjoying the sunshine. The donkey on the far right with the green halter is blind. He has a donkey friend that watches out for him. The large mule is the background is Molly.
This is PrimRose. Shelia adopted her 21 years ago and started the sanctuary then. She, PrimRose I mean, is 43 years old. According to our guide Chris donkeys can live to be 50 years old.
We then were led into the barn which was quite large. It was built in the 1870's I assume along with the house. To be honest I didn't even notice the house! Which is VERY unusual for me, I was too busy looking at the animals.
There were only three animals in the barn as it was such a beautiful day . I believe this sheep was having a health issue along with a goat in a coat that was sharing her stall. Down the barn a bit was a large pig named Ruby. She is blind so spends much of her time in her stall. She does have her own little pig yard but she doesn't use it much.
The barn was lit  by chandeliers and as Chuck said "Every conceivable kind of light fixture" (electrician don't you know!) Cleo was still along for the ride. Two other ladies were there for the tour too.
Enjoying the sun!
Lovely sign on the side of the barn.
This is Vanna the goat. She was named that as she always smiles like Vanna White.
Chuck with Phil the miniature donkey. By now Cleo had run off in search of food.
This poor little guy was recovering from a leg injury. This was his first day outside in  a week. Behind him in the little barn were two of his friends. Chris the tour guide stated they had been miserable being separated and had been hee hawing back and forth quite a bit to each other from  the fields to the barn.
This is Gordon. He was very friendly and came over to the fence to visit with us.
Here is Chris our tour guide. Gordon was snacking on her jacket. He had ripped off one of the pockets the day before.
I've forgotten the cats name. Apparently there are two of them that look exactly alike right down to the six toes on a couple of their feet.
We spent about an hour there visiting. I brought along a case of cat food and we also left a donation for the donkeys care. We will be back! Heading out of town we decided to go the "back" way home through all the little towns and villages. Not much snow left up here!
So many beautiful farms and lots of horses and cows. A farmer we spoke to said they really hadn't had much snow this year. He was worried about his well and the moisture in the soil.
We stopped in Morganston (I think!) at an Antique Store. It was housed in the old Post Office. There were two of these shelves built in the back wall with all the town residents names on the cubbies. It was run by an older gentleman with very reasonable prices. We will be heading back there too.
Beside the Antique Store was this empty Church. The stained glass windows were beautiful.
A wonderful afternoon ended with a lovely sunset over the hills.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Sorry so many of them!
Oh, by the way if you are on Facebook PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary is there too. They put great photos in, including (hopefully!) the first one with Chuck and Cleo. Check it out if you get a chance.

Take care and have a good weekend!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"The Observations Of The Crow"

With the mild weather we have been enjoying for the last few days the birds have been very active. There are numerous large pine trees in our neighbourhood and when I look up at the top of them a crow always seems to be perched there. I took this photo in our backyard.
It does make me a little nervous all this mild weather. Are we in for a doosy of a March??
Bonus shot here. I thought I was just getting a shot of the Cardinal and didn't notice the Goldfinch until I downloaded the photos.
Making headway into the suet.
You were right Granny Marigold! When I posted a photo of this birdhouse a week or so ago you mentioned about the squirrels chewing it. This one was busily at it a few days ago.
Another gorgeous sunrise on Sunday.
The mourning Doves are an everyday visitor now. So glad!
Monday morning we headed out on our loooong walk (9km or around 6 miles) as it was so beautiful out. We stopped off at a small park and I saw swans way out on the ice. I wasn't venturing out there so I zoomed in the best I could.
The beavers are gnawing the trees. This one was too far gone and needed to be cut down.
The park people are attempting to save this one.
Looks like some more squirrel gnawing at one of several bird houses in the park.
There was a large flock of Canada Geese at the small pond in the  "Active Lifestyle Community" we have here in Brighton. I didn't want to startle them so again just zoomed in with my little point and shoot. There must have been about 30 of them.

We hope to be heading out on a road trip on Thursday. It all depends on the weather. If we do I hope to have many great photos!

Take care.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Mother Like Mine"

Busy, busy the last couple days. Chuck worked just Tuesday and Wednesday this week as we had a bunch of errands to do and places we wanted to go.
First up Thursday was renewing our passports. This meant getting a passport photo. Oh joy!
Luckily our local grocery store as a photo lab where you can get this done for a reasonable price. We then ended up sitting in the passport office for only an hour or so as we were there very early. We spent the rest of the morning running errands and I MAY have found a beautiful dress at Old Navy!
Friday morning we FINALLY made the trip to see my Mum. Three times we have made plans to go but twice she was sick and once the weather was terrible. Gorgeous sunny day but a tad cold.
I had a large bag full of books I had picked up over the last couple months for Mum. Of course I forgot it! Luckily there is a great thrift store halfway to Mum's so we nipped in there and I picked her up another bag full.
My brother and his wife (who Mum lives with) are away this week. Mum no longer wants to leave her little apartment and go to my sister's or come to our house while my brother is away. So she has a Personal Support Worker (PSW) come in twice a day to make sure she is alright and to have some company. We arrived just as one of the PSW's named Alice was leaving.
Very loving, caring ladies my Mum is blessed to have. Alice is only about 10 years younger than my Mum but still loves her work.
As I walked towards my Mum I could see she had a large mark on her forehead that extended around her eye. WHAT!!!!
She fell as she was getting out of bed last week (when my brother and SIL were still home) and bonked her head on her night-table.
"Why didn't you tell me???" I shrieked at the poor woman. " I didn't want you to worry" was her answer. Why do parent's do that?
She had her regular twice a week PSW look at it when she came that day and everything was o.k. It looks like she was in a heck of a fight.
My Mum has a cane and walker she uses in her apartment and my brother has moved stuff around so my Mum can get around easy. I am just very thankful it was nothing worse. I am also thankful my brother has a job that he can do from home so Mum has someone there most days.
We spent a few hours with Mum and had a lovely visit. Mentally she is pretty crisp, it is physically she is failing.
She loves to chat about politics and books, she likes to hear what renovations we are doing on the house and she likes to know what is up with all of our extended family via Facebook.
We plan to visit next month again as it is her birthday. This time I will remember the bag of books!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. It is sunny and very mild here.

Take care!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Find Your Wings"

Around our yard we have I think four shrubs/bushes that have berries in the Winter. The Robin's have been raiding them over the last few days. Right underneath our living room window we have two Holly bushes which the Robin's seem to favour. Inevitably a Robin or two crash into the window. Monday just before supper I heard that distinctive sound. Chuck and I ran over to the window and a female Robin was lying on the snow below the bush. The male stayed right beside her while she lay there. I checked twenty minutes later and she was still there. I looked after supper and they both were gone. The next morning I went outside to walk downtown to do a few errands and I saw this in the snow.
I guess she made a few attempts to fly before she finally was airborne.  Her wings made a beautiful pattern in the snow. Hopefully no more birds will crash into the window!
On the way home from my errands the sun peeked through the clouds.
I took this later in the afternoon.
You know who enjoying his peanuts!
This was a first. A small flock of starlings descended on the feeders.
The Robin was drinking the water in the eavestrough.
These two were far off in a neighbour's tree.
The sun came out yesterday morning and melted some of the snow. This weekend we are to be quite warm. It is a long weekend here (along with Saskatchewan, Alberta and the U.S.) so hopefully you can get out and enjoy it!

Take care.