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"Walking In The Winter"

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Ours was quiet with a few visits to family and friends.
 It has been a wacky month of Winter so far. Extremely cold and very mild  and everything in between.
 We pretty well have had constant snow too which I happy to have for the gardens.
 Cortes paid a quick visit one mild day.
 Smokey and Miss Kitty at suppertime last night. These two are constant . Smokey is getting braver and letting me pet him now. His fur is very soft and thick.
 Miss Kitty is as beautiful as ever. When I was young I was allergic to all animals. This past six months or so my allergies have flared up. I can't / shouldn't touch the kitties but it is very hard not to!

 More incredible skies!
 This was so brief one night.
 oh my!
 Lots of rabbit poop under the feeders but no rabbit sighting until a week or so ago.
 The birds are back at the feeders for the Winter.

 We are incredibly blessed to have access to a number of wonderful parks in our …

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