Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Where do the days go? Between gardening, road trips, visiting with friends, household stuff....Usually in that order ; )
A new little visitor to the feeders these last few days. Hard to tell but he is very tiny.
Chuck and I went for our physicals recently. If you remember we are Canadian so we have "free" healthcare. I made the appointment back in March and the earliest we could get in was this past Monday. I must remember NEVER to book an appointment on a Monday!
Our appointment was for 10:30. We walked out of there at 1:20 in the afternoon! This is a new doctor who took over the practice from our previous doctor. I am so thankful he did as Janice's doctor retired and no one took over his practice. She searched for a doctor and ended up finding one a 1/2 hour drive down the highway.
Anyway, everything is fine and he ended up spending an hour  with us explaining how he approaches healthcare which is quite different then our previous doctor. More preventative then reactive.
On to nicer stuff! A new dress I found recently at "Magnolia Cottage" $10.00 and it fits like it was made for me.
With our continuing rain the gardens are so lush, it is incredible.
Janice's "Josephine" clematis. It is on the brick wall as you walk up her front walkway to the front door.
A rose bush in Janice's front yard.
This past weekend we headed to Orono to visit a few antique shops. What a lovely village! The photo above was taken in the basement of the old Orono Armouries. It had been turned into a multi-vendor antique shop. What a great place.
We wandered around for an hour and a half, so much to look at.
Sorry, the photos somehow got out of order! The portulaca's are lovely right now. I have a few pots out on the back deck.
A perennial that Merv gave me, no idea what it is!
Silly little girl flirting with Chuck!
Here is the Armouries. The building itself was wonderful to look at.
Many had great sales on too.
Gorgeous home just down the street.
The library is housed in a beautiful old house. This is the gazebo in the backyard.
Smokey being his handsome self.
The skies have been so interesting these last few days. On the weekend there was a tornado warning down the road a bit but nothing came of it thankfully.
The days seem to be going by so quickly. It is officially Summer now. Strawberries are ripe and so delicious! Speaking of strawberries, I must end this and head out to get some.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Come On Up To The House"

After a history filled Saturday we decided to continue on with that theme when we visited Kim on Sunday. After visiting in the morning and a scrumptious lunch we headed out to Bellevue House.  Built in the 1840's, this house was home to Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald from 1848-1849.
Sir John is standing in the corner of the dining room to greet you as you come in.  The house was very dark and it was an overcast day to boot too!
So many different rooms, I believe this was a small parlour off the main one.
This is the front parlour.
Mrs. Macdonald's room. She was a very sickly lady, tragically dying very young. It is very hard to tell but this room was so dark. We all commented that it wouldn't have helped her mood being in such a dark room!
A maid's room.
The guest room was gorgeous. light filled and very large.
The master bedroom. The furniture was magnificent. This house was in tip top condition and extremely clean despite the number of visitors. It felt incredible to walk in the same rooms as our first Prime Minister.
A boot bath! can you imagine trying to get in and out of this thing?
In one of the pantries the original shelving was still in place.
The kitchen fireplace.
Down in the basement were many interesting things.
I love the old crocks.
The laundry room. The contraption in the back washed the clothing, some sort of rock washer?
Beautiful house and so meticulously kept.
All the tour guides were in period costume and were happy to answer any questions.
Despite the dreariness it didn't rain while we were there so we were able to enjoy the gardens. Two young  ladies were weeding and  answered a few questions for us. I wanted to know about the shawl she was wearing. She knit it herself and it wrapped around and buttoned on the back.
The house across the street from Bellevue House. So much to see and do in Kim's city. We will be back!
Look, what is that foreign object in the sky? Is it...yes, it is the sun! We have had two sunny days in a row! Unbelievable! I have gardened and hung out wash, lovely.

We had such a great weekend. I wanted to thank Kim for a lovely day on Sunday. How blessed am I to find such a wonderful bloggy friend and have her live so close we can visit each other. What more can you ask for!

Take care.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Hungry, Hungry"

This is a very common sight in our backyard this Spring. I don't think I have ever heard so much squawking in the Spring as I have this year. We have many nests of Grackles around and they are very noisy birds!
Saturday was the opening day of "Doors Open Northumberland" Nineteen different sites were open free to the public for visiting. Chuck and I managed to take in four. First up we visited an old  canning factory that now is a home and studio of an artist. I didn't take any photos inside as it is their home but you can see through the windows up top the gorgeous beams.
The barn is not safe to go into to but we were allowed to peek in.
The home was simply beautiful with white walls and open spaces. The shower was the size of a small room! The grounds were spectacular with a stream running through and lots of privacy.
Next up was Barnum House. Quoting from the pamphlet "One of the finest examples of neoclassical architecture in Ontario" I have been wanting to tour this house for 30 years! It very seldom is open to the public.
If you click on the photo above you can read about the house.
The kitchen was my favourite room. We were left to wander around on our own which I loved.
Upstairs in the master bedroom.
You know me and vintage clothing!
One of the trees out front is very old. I had Chuck stand beside it to show you the size.
The gentleman volunteering at the house said it is getting harder and harder to keep these beautiful homes from falling apart with the limited money they have.
Next up was the old Brighton Town Hall. We chatted with a local historian for almost an hour and learned even more about Brighton.
After lunch we toured Proctor House. Chuck hadn't been along when Kim and I toured it last Fall so I wanted him to see it. I thoroughly enjoyed it again as this time we had a young girl give us a tour and we were able to go inside some rooms we couldn't last Fall.
You know I couldn't leave Mr. Rabbit at the antique store! He came home with us and now looks down at us from the kitchen shelf.
I had been wanting an old bowl for our kitchen table since we purchased it three years ago. The same vendor had a wonderful one with the spoon. Since we bought two things I managed to get the price reduced by $40.00.
Snowball stopped by for a visit yesterday. She was mostly ignored by Miss Kitty. In the old days Miss Kitty and her would have had a rumble! I did head outside and cuddle Snowball and gave her a big handful of treats. Miss Kitty laid in her basket very smugly!

Sunday we paid Kim a visit and had a wonderful day. More on that next time!

Have a good day!


Where do the days go? Between gardening, road trips, visiting with friends, household stuff....Usually in that order ; ) A new little v...