Friday, January 20, 2017

"Freeze Frame"

We received another round of freezing rain a few days ago. It seems to be a weekly event this winter. It does make for lovely photos though!
I popped outside to fill the feeders and took along the camera. The temperature was just starting to go above freezing so things were melting.
Everything was ice covered.
The male Cardinal came by for a quick visit while I was sprinkling out some peanuts.
Just as the sun was going down a couple days ago Miss Kitty was eating her supper. Punkin ran over to  join in. Terrible photo as it is through the screen door as it was getting dark. Miss Kitty will fight with everyone but Punkin. She seems to respect that Punkin is the King Cat in the neighbourhood. I have never witnessed Punkin fighting with anyone but all the cats shy away from him except Miss Kitty.
Ohhh, it has been more than two months since I have driven my car. I do miss it! The insurance doesn't go back on until April 15 when all the snow should be over. Meanwhile it waits!
Punkin posed nicely for me yesterday. We are pretty sure he is a stray. He is coming around more and loves to be petted on the head. He has the sweetest meow for such a big cat.
Blurry photo but you can see how big he is.
The Robin's are around everyday too.
Nice to see splashes of colour at this dreary time of year.
This skinny little black squirrel sat on the deck and munched pumpkin seeds and cranberries yesterday. Hard to tell but it is quite small. Poor thing, didn't know enough to fatten up beforehand.

We continue to not have any snow and it has been quite mild the last few days.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Pictures In The Sky"

With the wild weather we have been having this last week the skies have been beautiful. We have gone from below normal temperatures to above normal all in the course of twenty four hours.
We still have no snow. I have no problem with that but I know many people love the snow.
This was taken very early one morning out on our back deck. It was quite cold and I just had on my pj's and slippers. I dashed out nearly tripping head over heels over Miss Kitty who was waiting to be let in. I let her in the house and then took a number of photos . She stood at the door hollering at me to feed her breakfast. I complied!
On our loooonnnnggg walk on Sunday we noticed the beavers have made a start on another tree. This one is rather close to a road.
Chickadee enjoying some peanuts and cranberries.
I put out cranberries in hopes the Robin's find them. We have a few hanging around the yard.
When I look out at the feeders it isn't too often no matter the weather that a Junco isn't there.
Brighton Bay frozen over.
Two swans found some open water.
Not the best photo's. I didn't want to scare them and I only had along my 5X zoom pocket camera.
Today we are in the middle of an ice storm. It started freezing rain around eight o'clock this morning. Thankfully this isn't one of Chuck's working days so we are staying home today. This squirrel kept sliding off the feeder.
Terrible photo but you can see the ice accumulating on the bittersweet.
For no reason at all besides it is so cute I am including a photo of two dormouse's cuddling. This is NOT my photo, Kim sent me the link to an article about the dormouse. I thought on a day like today everyone could use a cute photo.

Take care.

Friday, January 13, 2017

"Buttons and Bows"

A few days ago I was dusting our bedroom after Chuck had finished painting. I was wiping my sewing box when I got to thinking about my Grandmother. It had been her sewing box and was given to me by my mother 7 or 8 years ago. In the photo above I am standing in the pink sweater (Please remember this was in the mid 1980's!) with my Mum in the red sweatshirt, my sister is standing in the navy blouse and my grandmother is sitting. My Grandmother made most of her clothing right up until a few months before she died in 1994.
When the sewing box was given to me there was only a few things left in it. My Mum is not a sentimental person and probably threw out everything she thought was garbage. But the button jar survived!
I assume most of you know what a button jar is. And I assume if not you or your Mother your Grandmother must have had one. My Mum does have a button jar, an old Nivea container full of buttons. I haven't seen it in a number of years now.
I am sure someone knowledgeable would be able to date these buttons
Are buttons even that pretty anymore? I am not a sewer so I don't tend to notice buttons.
I imagine this came from a blouse.
This button I do know about because I asked my Mum about it. Her brother Bob was in the Militia back in the 1940's. I guess you were given extra buttons for your uniform in case you lost any.
This is the sewing box. It sits in our bedroom.  I can still see my Grandmother sitting at her sewing machine with this box open beside her.
Yesterday was my birthday. I thought you might get a laugh out of some old birthday photos. I always had sleep-overs and since my bedroom was rather small we slept down in the rec room. Looks like we had quite a time! The girl in front is Laura, I am beside her then Cathy, Tracey and Jackie.
Usually we had a party in the evening, then watched some TV after which we would eventually go to sleep. The next morning was a yummy breakfast and then usually some fun activity. That is a funky chandelier! I have no recollection of it. Looking at this photo I was wondering why the room looks so empty. I do remember we had a tall, antique buffet  against the back wall. Then I remembered, my parents had ordered a dining room suite and sold the buffet before the suite came. Chuck and I still have the table in this photo. Chuck uses it as his work table in his workshop.
So many memories seeing this shot of the kitchen. My Mum is NOT a morning person and for her to be up serving us breakfast was a miracle. Sadly Laura in the front of the photo passed away a few days after my Dad did seven years ago after three bouts of breast cancer.

After a few stormy, cold days we are enjoying a few rainy, milder days. The snow is melting fast!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"A Quiet Place To Live"

I am enjoying these quiet days of winter. I also am enjoying Chuck's working only two days a week too! I am a morning person by nature but getting up a 5:30 on a winter morning is definitely harder then in the summer.
The sun has been shining at times over the last few days. I took this behind one of our local grocery stores. The store backs almost right onto Lake Ontario and I had been curious what the view was like behind the store. It was freezing early Saturday morning when I took this but so pretty. I am sure the guys unloading their trucks wondered what the heck I was doing!
On our walk we pass by a large piece of privately owned land that is fenced all around. The pine trees were planted in perfect straight rows at some point. It reminds me of the forests in Nova Scotia.
The predominant bird at our feeders these days are the junco's. That is the only thing I miss about our last home, we had a wider variety of birds there.
We received some snow over the weekend too.
It didn't amount to much, just enough to cover the grass.
Later in the day the sun peeked out.
Sunday we made a quick trip into Trenton.
Clouds hanging over the Lake.
Miss Kitty relaxing in her basket. I try to clean out her eyes but I am not entirely successful. I can touch her for so long and then no more. I can't pick her up as she is so skittish still but she is warming up. She let Chuck cuddle her yesterday but she still wants outside after awhile.
It snowed a bit yesterday too. Very light and powdery snow so easy to shovel.
I am very glad we have plants with some winter colour here. Anything to brighten up the days. How many more days until Spring??? Sixty nine or so, not too long!

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, January 6, 2017

"Dim All The Lights"

A few nights ago Chuck turned on our "Starlight Lava Lamp" while we were watching TV. We found this lamp at my Favourite antique store (now closed😢) some years ago. It is from the late 1960's or early 1970's. We keep our home rather cool so it takes a good two hours to heat up and start bubbling. It is fun to watch.
I've noticed on a few blogs some of the other bloggers have taken up a challenge to declutter. I have been meaning to clean out some of my kitchen cupboards so I made a start a couple days ago. This is the contents of a couple shelves. When we moved in 4 months ago I really didn't organize the cupboards as I put things away. We now have a kitchen half the size of our old one so I have to keep this organized.
Can someone tell me why different brands of "spaghetti" take different times to cook? It is just the two of us so I don't cook a whole box of pasta at a time. I end up with a little bit of each brand left. I am too frugal to throw it out!
Here is my main food cupboard after the sorting. I only found a bag of Craisins that were past their best before date. The birds don't mind!
While I was reorganizing I could hear the birds chattering away at the feeders. I looked out and there must have been 30 birds at the feeders. It was a feeding frenzy! I had filled the feeders a couple hours before.
The squirrels were snatching up all the peanuts too.
Then it started ice pelleting. That explains it. I guess the birds felt the pressure changing and were stocking up on food. It only lasted about 10 minutes and was done. Chuck phoned me from work and  said it was snowing quite heavily there. Other parts of Ontario were hit quite hard with snow and ice.
Today started out as a beautiful sunny, cold day. We went for a great walk before lunch. It has now clouded over.
Many types of birds enjoy the cones from the tamarack tree. When I took this photo there was around twenty birds in the tree.
Miss Kitty has been enjoying time with us. Isn't she beautiful?
Love the chickadees!

No big plans this weekend. Chuck continues to paint our bedroom and I will finish off decluttering the kitchen.
Enjoy your weekend!