Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Father Of Mine"

March 1957

October 1957 Just married!

Early 1970's

Summer 1973
March 1984

Seven years ago today we lost this wonderful man. Love you and miss you every day Dad.

Friday, August 12, 2016

"Here Comes Goodbye"

How do I say goodbye to this face? I am dreading leaving Toby and Oreo next door.
It just breaks my heart looking at this photo. I know they will forget me very quickly. I am finding it harder saying goodbye to all the various pets in this neighbourhood than the people. That definitely says something about me!
This little one, and I mean little, was digging around in one of the pots. I have been seeing it in the yard over the last week of so.
I notice as soon as I go outside to fill the feeders the maple tree comes alive with Bluejays. Think they know my schedule?
The moulting has started again. It is strange why only some Bluejays moult all at once. Looks like this one is just starting to grow some feathers back.

We get the keys to our new home on Monday and start moving in on Tuesday. If I get a chance I will blog  about the move next week. If not it may be the following week. Sorry if I don't comment on your blogs for a couple weeks. I will read and comment if I have a moment.

Take care everyone and think good moving thought for us!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

"What Are You Doing Sunday?"

Taking a long walk! We woke up this morning to cooler temperatures so we decided to take the camera and go for a longer walk. As we turned onto a road from the cornfields I swear I heard a kitten meowing. The further we walked the louder it got. Chuck and I checked the ditches expecting to find some kittens dumped in a box. I finally realized the sound was coming from a tree. It was a catbird! I have never seen or heard one before but I knew what they looked like. It was flitting around so fast I couldn't take a photo. The photo above  I took from the internet. Photograph taken by Debbie McKenzie.
Lovely morning but we are expecting it took get quite warm today. I love how the corn is in such perfect rows.
The Queen Anne's Lace is at it's peek here now. It smells lovely.
The cattails are perfect now too. I believe that is purple loosestrife behind.
Only could find one frog in the pond and he was rather difficult to spot. The pond is so stagnant and green with our lack of rain.
We walked for an hour and by the time we arrived home it was starting to heat up.
Do birds not have any feeling in their feet? How can this Mourning Dove stand on a hot roof?
Bluejay waiting for me to put out some peanuts.
The young Robin was a back for another bath.
Michael's was having a good clearance sale so I purchased these cute milk bottles and holder for $6.00. I want something for flowers for the kitchen table.
I am watering two neighbours gardens while they are away. These next few photos are from Toby and Oreo's parent's garden.
Mary loves purple flowers too!
Gorgeous, huge Rose of Sharon bush.
It had been so hot and humid this last month everyone and everything is exhausted! This black squirrel spent a good part of Friday morning lounging under one of our maples. I had put out some sunflower seeds and peanuts. Occasionally he would reach over and grab something and lie there nibbling.
This grey squirrel was flaked out on the deck railing. We don't have much shade left in our backyard as the maples lost probably two thirds of there leaves but the critters find what shade they can.

One week to go until our closing day. This week I buckle down and finish packing.

Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"The Waiting Game"

This rabbit spent quite a bit of time drinking.
Sometimes it seems the weeks have just zipped by but this week seems to be going on forever.
I have had this garden plaque for twenty years or so.
Two weeks today we will be waking up in our new home
Chickadee enjoying the niger seed.
We are packing and paring down some more items.
So many days of beautiful clouds.
We are also trying to envision where and how our furniture will go.
Two favourite birds.
The two houses are quite different in how they are set up.
He looks very fluffy!
We have three finished levels in our new home, our current home has two.
Keeping an eye on each other.
Not having a finished basement in our current home has meant we have been using the basement for storage.
Not good as you can easily accumulate STUFF!
Look at those claws!
We have cleared out quite a bit through a yard sale and donating.
Poor maple tree. Not many leaves left.
Chuck is also going through a very busy time at work with a couple of projects on the go.
Sitting and chillin'
He is taking two weeks off so we will have time to get the house settled.
Alfalfa stopped by for a drink.
When we moved into our current home Chuck was back to work the next day. I was left surrounded by  probably 40 boxes of our possessions. Not fun!
He hung around for quite awhile.
The weather is supposed to be cooling down the week we move. I hope so!
Missing a good bit of one wing.
Hot and humid for the next few days here so I will continue to pack and pray for cooler weather.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

"If Only Tonight We could Sleep"

We have been enjoying beautiful clouds for the last couple  of days so I thought I would share some photos with you. No rain as of yet but the weather forecasters are saying there is a chance tonight and tomorrow.
Last evening's sky.
I LOVE purple coneflowers! I finally have some and we are leaving in 2 1/2 weeks. I will be planting some at our new home.
Well, I LOVE any coneflower.
I am taking care of the gardens of one of our neighbours while they are away. She is an avid gardener. The following 10 photos were taken in her gardens.
What a wild night we had last night! (Here I go, Kim) Chuck and I were pretty pooped last night as we had been up late the previous night (more on that later). So at 9:30 we decided to go to bed.
We had just turned out the light when we were blasted with country music. Oh darn, it is the Country Jamboree here this weekend in one of our local parks. Two days and nights of country music!
We were just managing to fall asleep when the neighbour across the street (our bedroom is at the front of the house facing the street) and a buddy came out of his house and stood in the driveway talking and laughing for a half hour.
If you remember we live in Trenton, which has the largest air force base in Canada. Well, last night just after 10:00 they decided to have a night time exercise. The planes flew very low right over our house. I swear the windows, which were open as we finally had a cooler, less humid day, were rattling.
We finally got to sleep around 11:00. At midnight a large group of kids came by all on skateboards. The racket was incredible! Then an hour later they came back.
About 1:30 we fell back to sleep again. Not for long! Around 3:00 a skunk came through the yard and stunk up the whole yard. We both woke up coughing.
We fell back to sleep again and woke up at 5:00, our normal wake up time.
That was the worst nights sleep we have had in a long time. We are pooped today.
I haven't any idea what plant this is. The colour is amazing!
Love the coneflowers and hosta!
Chippy finally put in an appearance at the feeders. We have some pretty aggressive red squirrels that chase him off. He looks rather sad in this photo.
Here is the reason we were up late two nights ago. We had to drive an hour away to pick up our new car. Our new home is in a small town 10 minutes away from Trenton. Chuck and I have been sharing a car for the last year and a half. It mostly worked out but there were times we could have used two cars. Well, we decided to purchase a second car. Chuck has been busy the last two days cleaning and polishing it. He will drive our other car to and from work (which is in Trenton) and this one will be mine to use.

It is a holiday weekend here in Canada so if you are Canadian, Happy Long Weekend! To everyone else I wish you a great weekend.
Take care.