Antiques and Asparagus

Where has the weekend gone? It seems like it was just Friday a few hours ago. Friday night we got a call from our kitchen designer. She asked if it would be possible to start our kitchen Monday morning. They are very busy and since Monday is a holiday they assumed we would be home. Not a problem as we did not plan on going away anywhere. So Chuck is quickly trying to get a couple small jobs done in preparation of them coming.
Garden under the dining room window, We will also plant some annuals. 

We also wanted to get the rest of the gardens planted. So after I did a quick grocery shop I went right out and searched for a number of plants we wanted. I just happened to drive by a great Antique place too. It is a large building with multiple vendors. I also went to the Belleville Farmers Market and got some asparagus and rhubarb. I love rhubarb pie! Chuck not so much. Here is some of the pictures I took at the antique store. Have a great evening.     Robin
I love the table.
These would look great in our new kitchen!
A pink mixmaster.


  1. Arrghh, I had my whole comment ready to post and poof! I hit some stupid key on the laptop and ended up closing my browser.

    I was impressed that a designer and workers would start on a holiday Monday. Good luck tomorrow.

    Your garden is coming along, it's going to look great. It's work to start from scratch, but fun to design something new. :-)

    Have you ever seen the HGTV show Fixer Upper, with the Texas-based couple? She does amazing rustic/farmhouse designs, and while "farmhouse" really isn't me, I've loved everything she's done. (Chip and Joanna Gaines.) The antique store made me think of the program.

    And finally, I knew you were fairly close, geographically, but to have gone to Belleville? You're closer than I even realized. Years and years ago there used to be a little cafe/shop downtown, run by Kathy and Bill, and my ex and I often would drive up on a weekend day for a home made lunch and to browse around. I remember the first time we parked across from City Hall, in the metered lot (this is almost 20 years ago, bear in mind), parking was 35 cents an hour. We almost were speechless over that, newly arrived from Halifax. LOL. Funny, the things you remember. I think that the building they had their cafe in now is part of the Queen's Family Medical Clinic that's there -- or was there a few years ago, the last time I was in Belleville.

    Anyway, have a great Monday, reno dust notwithstanding. :-)

    1. We were pretty impressed too that our kitchen is going to start tomorrow. I have never seen the tv show Fixer Upper . We do not have cable or satellite. We are not big t.v. watchers. We have a number of DVD's that we watch Rockford Files, Star Trek, Cannon, Hill Street Blues etc... Kim, we live in Trenton. The parking is still pretty cheap in Belleville...and in Trenton too! There is alot of nice stores in downtown Belleville including some great antique shops, cafe's etc... Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you enjoy your holiday Monday too.


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