Busy day

Today has been a busy day. We are getting ready to have a new kitchen installed and to save money my husband(Chuck) is doing all the wiring and plumbing. He is an electrician so that is no big deal. It is finding the time. He is semi-retired and was not supposed to be working now. He got a contract job last fall which has been extended a number of times. He was supposed to be done at the end of March but that did not happen. So every night when he comes home he works for another few hours wiring, etc...
Poor guy! We will be without a kitchen for two weeks so I am doing lots of baking and cooking food to have for freezer meals. On top of that there is construction going on outside that is driving me bananas! I just keep thinking this will all be over in three weeks. (Hopefully) Have a great day!



  1. I like that mourning dove, so pretty!

    Good luck with the kitchen reno. May it be done properly, so that even Mike Holmes couldn't find fault. (I watch WAY too much HGTV.)

    But I just want to know why the universe never blessed me with anyone handy in my life, family, friend or ex-partner. I'm jealous your husband can do this work and save yourselves significant $! :-)

  2. I met my husband when I was 17 and we have been together ever since. He is half Newfoundlander which I always think is the reason he is so handy. Newfs always are so resourceful. Well the ones I know anyway!


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