Bay of Quinte
Another windy day here today. We woke up this morning to a frost. I haven't planted any annuals yet so I wasn't worried about the gardens. On our walk this morning I noticed a number of people had sheets over their gardens.

This morning was spent doing errands. Chuck computer died (we were expecting it but not so soon ) so we popped it down to the computer shop. Chuck forgot to back it up this last couple of months with being so busy getting the kitchen ready for renovations. He has a few work projects on it that he recently did so he needs the computer to work one last time to get them. Next stop was Value Village (thrift store ) to drop off a box of donations of excess kitchen utensils. Then it was on to Home Depot. While we were there we purchased a faucet for the kitchen and a few assorted plumbing bits. Because, of course when we turned on the sprinkler system the valve started leaking.  Finally we stopped at Lowe's to check out the lighting for kitchens and bathrooms. We are also redoing the powder room off of the mudroom/laundry room. Well, we walked out of there with a new light for the family room which we had been casually looking for anyway. Everything was bought on sale so not too much damage to our bank account!

I took this picture of the male and female cardinal yesterday. He was feeding her seeds and flitting all around. It looked very sweet.

I spent Friday afternoon placing everything back in the kitchen cupboards. Now I just have to remember where I put everything!:)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday and spending some time outdoors if you can. Take care.


  1. Nice faucet, and nice shot of the Bay and of the cardinals too.

    Yes, it's cold here as well. Minus 1 last night, though there wasn't any frost on the rooftops or on the grass this morning. I had tucked my flower baskets under the step yesterday and hoped for the best, but they seem okay. I sported gloves with my jacket, though, when I left around 8AM to head up to WalMart. Brrrr.

    Good luck to Chuck re: his computer. This laptop is 5-ish years old and likes to freeze daily. I'm trying to nurse it along for a while longer, but I think it will need replacing sooner than later.


    1. Hi Kim I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We also wore gloves when we went for our walk this morning. Chuck is hopeful he can retrieve his info from his computer. He too has a five year old laptop he can use in the meantime. I have a 2 year old iMac which I am accustomed to using but he curses it every time he uses it! Take care and hug your boys for me.

  2. We had a light frost here this morning.
    The picture of the water looks cold!

    1. I would not even stick my toe in now! I imagine it is very cold still.


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