Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Goats and Geese

This is the third time I have attempted to write this post. I don't know a tremendous amount about computers. I seem to keep punching the wrong button and it disappears. AAARRRRGGGG!

Anyway,yesterday Chuck's last day at work, was very short as all he has to do was sign out and hand back his cell phone. At 8:30 he was back home working on the kitchen. We are at the point now of installing all the lighting so off to Home Depot we went. Beside Home Depot is Reid's Dairy. It is fabulous to have a local dairy as they have tasty ice cream and all sorts of yummy dairy products made from local milk. Behind the dairy is a pond within a fenced area. Different animals, birds and fish call this place home. There are always a couple of goats there too. These two were very friendly and came charging over when we approached. There also was a geese family enjoying the water. They seemed pretty tame and I was able to get a number of great pictures of them all.

We found all the lights we wanted and Chuck is installing them right now. I have been assured I will have light by supper time! I hope you all have a good day.  Robin


  1. would love to keep goats. At least you know an electrician to install the lights!!

    1. Right now he is installing the under cabinet lights. We decided to go with LED as they use so little energy.

  2. Goats are so cute, but oh, I know they'll eat anything! :-)

    Love the goslings too, so adorable. I still haven't seen any here, but then I've not had a chance to get down to the Lake lately, either. (Those midge flies are all over the place right now. Gross.)

    Good luck re: the lights!

    1. The midge flies are terrible here too. Chuck is a walking midge fly, deer fly, etc magnet so they tend to bother him and leave me alone! Most of the lights got done, just a couple under cabinet ones left.


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