Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Conked in the head

Good morning everyone!
Cool here this morning but it is a bright and sunny day.
This rabbit visited our feeders last night after supper. I could not resist taking a picture of him(her?).
Another busy night last night. Chuck finished some drywalling in the kitchen. We also had purchased a futon for a family room we are setting up in the basement. It arrived yesterday so Chuck and I attempted to put it together. As Chuck was taking apart the two rails that support the futon one slipped out of his hands and konked me in the head. I saw stars for a moment but no lasting damage. I laughed because it sounded just like a cartoon noise when someone gets hit in the head.
We have installed a number of the old kitchen cabinets in the garage for storage. Chuck put our old pantry cupboard against one wall for all our garden implements. He also put up a shelf for my bird food.So happy to have a handy hubby. Anyone else doing any renovations?. Have a great day.


  1. Thanks for visiting.
    Yes, it is so very nice having a handy man around! Saves LOTS of money. I've learned a lot too being the 'helper.'
    We've done plenty of renovations in our time!! : )

    Cute picture of the rabbit.

    1. I enjoy being a helper. You do learn a lot!

  2. Oh, and sorry you got hit in the head but glad you are okay.

  3. no renovations here, but we do have to finish the basement at some point.....well before September 2016!! I am like you married to a very handy husband, we are lucky.

    1. I believe your husband is an electrician too. That saved us alot of money over the years!

  4. That rabbit is big! You have a lot of great visitors around your home. And trust me, you are so, so lucky to have someone handy in your life, luckier than you probably realize! :-)

  5. We have alot of non human visitors(my favourite kind!) in our backyard. I am blessed to have a handy husband. I always think he can do or fix anything. One day he said to me "I am not McGyver!" so of course I call him McGyver now.


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