Sunday, May 24, 2015

Relaxing Sunday

We finally are having a calmer day today. I went and did the grocery shopping early this morning and then we had to run a few errands. Our laundry room/mudroom is off of the kitchen. We originally had white pulls on all the cabinets in the laundry room. As we now have blacks knobs and pulls in the kitchen we thought it would look better to have black pulls in the laundry room too. Easier said then done. We finally found them in our local Home Hardware. Chuck installed them and they look great.

We had a joyous time reinstalling the range hood a little while ago. I was trying to hold it up while Chuck fed the wire through and tried to line it up. What fun! I need to lift weights or something!

I took this photo of Toby our neighbours cat a few days ago. She is the 14 (15?) year old one. Doesn't say much but was very friendly from the first moment we met her. She is getting rather thin and bony. I hope she is healthy.

This was as close as I could get to these swans on the Bay a couple of days ago. They were just leisurely swimming around on this windy day. The building in the background is our new marina costing 12 MILLION DOLLARS! Not alot of people are happy in town here with the cost of this, ourselves  included. Our roads are terrible, they are threatening to close our hospital and we have a drastic doctor shortage but we can have a 12 MILLION DOLLAR marina. I don't understand.

It looks like we finally are going to get some much needed rain this week. It is so dry here so I hope it materializes. Take care.


  1. Let's hope the multi-million dollar marina brings in multi-millions of dollars in tourist/other profit. Maybe the local town council and/or mayor have their fingers in the development pie and stand to make a lot of money, whereas they won't when repairing infrastructure. Just a cynical thought. (I have many cynical thoughts about local government here too. LOL.)

    1. The very same thought that a number of people have here. Our previous mayor pushed for this marina and then promptly retired leaving the newly elected mayor to take all the flack. I believe only 65 slips are ready for this season so not alot of money coming in from that. Have a good day!

  2. Why doesn't that surprise doctors around here either!!

    1. It has been a long standing problem here. I originally kept my family doctor from childhood, up until 5 years ago.I had to drive 3 hours to see him. I finally did get into a doctor here and lucked out because she is just a 10 minute walk away. Take care Gill.


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