Sunday, May 10, 2015

Remembrance of a lovely lady

  Last summer we went with a friend to visit his Mom and Dad. While we were there his Mom found out I love to garden and proceeded to give me a number of plants from her garden. One of them is this iris. They are just starting to bloom here and this is my first one. A short while later we found out she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. And now recently we found out she is failing. So sad. I will cherish all the plants she gave me.

We finished stripping out the kitchen today and carted everything out to the driveway awaiting the kitchen company to pick it up for disposal. Finally! Tuesday the flooring company comes and starts the ceramic floors.                                                                                                                                                  

The crazy albino squirrel was here again. He is obviously very agile.                                                      

Hope everyone had a nice Sunday. Take care.



  1. How nice that she gave you the flowers. : )
    That IS a crazy squirrel!!

    1. She also gave me an almost black iris that blooms later in the season. I am anxious to see it.

  2. The iris is beautiful and oh, such a wonderful way to remember this woman.

    As for your squirrel...LOL! Very acrobatic! Ours are mostly black squirrels, still fun to watch but not as cute looking as grey or brown squirrels.

    1. We are flooded with squirrels here. Our fault partly due to the bird feeders. I have to feed something!

  3. Oh, I guess this one's a red squirrel? Even cuter. :-)


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