Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yard Sale Finds

 Chuck and I headed out at 7:00 a.m. for the Curling Club Yard Sale. It was fairly busy  with the whole arena full of tables. Very well organized with different sections. I headed right for the book section while Chuck headed for the tool section. I paid $1.50 for the books above which I think is a very good deal.
 Chuck and I have a number of record players so we are always on the lookout for records.  We enjoy both of these singers. Chuck's Mom went to Buffalo to see Tom Jones in concert 35 years ago. She said a number of little old ladies threw their underwear on stage! The two albums were $1.00.
I love to use the old canning jars to hold my baking supplies, rice, dried fruit so I always grab them when I see them. I have an old Sunbeam mixer which uses these kind of bowls. I have the clear ones but no white ones. I paid $1.50 for the bowls and 25 cents for the jar.

We met a number of friends as is usual in a small town on a Saturday. We then went down to the market for some asparagus and rhubarb. Got the asparagus but they were already sold out of rhubarb. Then on to the hardware stores for plumbing bits. Chuck is starting the plumbing under the sink and downstairs on the sprinkler system. Poor guy is working harder at home then he did at work!

Very hot and muggy here today. Chuck just went back to the hardware store for more bits. I must get outside and finish the flower planting. Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Wow, what fabulous bargains! I ought to have you shop for me. LOL. Vinyl has come back, too, so it's great you still have your record players. I like the bowls too and just can't believe how little you paid for everything, especially that collection of books.

    1. Just hit it right I guess. I like to go to church rummage sales too. I find when the bigger organizations have sales the prices are better. Put in your order of what you need! I will see what we can do.:)

  2. Replies
    1. I don't think I have paid full price for a book in years. Our library has a great book store too with fantastic prices.

  3. Wow, can't beat those prices!! Great finds.

    1. Thanks! You never know what you will find at a sale.


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