Sunday, June 7, 2015

A few more finds

 Late post today as we spent the afternoon visiting with friends from our old neighbourhood. They are planning a new kitchen too and wanted to see our kitchen close-up.

I love vintage magazines. The odd time I see them at yard sales I grab them. These four are from the late 1950's and early 1960's. These are the oldest women's magazines I have. I have a couple National Geographic's from the 1930's. Excuse the gaping open cupboard. I think Chuck was checking something with the plumbing under the sink!
 I find these old fridge containers very useful. I use them for cotton fluffs, q-tips, make-up.......
 The Heroes Highway Ride took place on Saturday with The National Air Force Museum of Canada here in Trenton being the starting point. Hundreds of bikers participate and it is a sight to see. The ride's purpose is to raise money for Wounded a charity that directly assists soldiers injured during military operations.
This was the sunset a few nights ago. I just happened to look out the front window and this is what I saw. I grabbed the camera and took a couple pictures. Within a few minutes it was gone.

It has been a busy weekend with railings painted, eavestrough cleaned and the garage rearranged. My Mom is coming for a visit in a few weeks so we want to have everything looking nice. I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. Take care.



  1. Jeepers, you had a busy weekend! Very productive, bet it felt great. Funny how there's always a mad rush for cleaning, etc., when family visits--particularly a parent. At least it is that way for me!

    The old magazines would be interesting. I'll bet the topics are essentially the same, in spite of the passage of the decades. :-)

    1. I don't know why I am so fussy with cleaning the house when my Mom comes. I doubt she really cares. She teases me about being so tidy as I was not a very tidy kid.
      I enjoy the old magazines. The recipes are good and the fashions and decorating are sometimes strange but it makes for interesting reading.
      Pouring rain here today so I am glad we cleaned the eaves troughs yesterday!

  2. I always clean extra good when visitors are coming too. I think most of us do. : )
    When mom used to visit I did it extra extra good because she would point things out to me that I missed.

    1. My Mom isn't the tidiest person so I doubt she notices! Hope you have had some nicer weather to work at HappyTrails!


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