A trip to the Dentist

 Not too much going on here today. After grocery shopping this morning I  visited my friend Janice for a natter and to go through a box of clothing a friend had given her. All very good quality items. I picked out a few shirts and two skirts. Sizing today is crazy. The skirts were both size 4 and they fit me! In the old days I would have been an 8 or a 10.
We have finished for now in the kitchen so Chuck has started on the powder room. We gutted it a few weeks ago and installed a new toilet right away. In the picture above Chuck is repairing some dings in the wall where the pedestal sink will be.
 Have you ever tried to take a selfie in the mirror? This is the first time for me. My sister wanted an updated picture of me so I though I would take it this way. The photo above is a blooper (one of many). Chuck is reading me something he printed off the internet.
 This one was about the best of the bunch. I had my eyes open and a decent smile on my face.
These guys were visiting the feeders yesterday. Not a great shot but I wanted a photo of the two of them together.
We just got back from the dentist. Chuck was having one of his back teeth removed. He can't eat much tonight so it will be yogurt and ice cream for supper, then slowly back to normal eating.
We had a very loud thunderstorm over night along with an inch of rain. At 5:00a.m. we had such a loud thunderclap the house shook. My friend Janice said she leapt out of bed it startled her so much. All her pets slept through it!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of the day. Take care.


  1. I slept through most of the thunderstorm last night. Everything and everyone is looking good!!

    1. Wow you must be a hard sleeper! Thanks for your kind compliment.

  2. I did not sleep through that, I had been awake from 2:50AM onward yesterday. We had either the same or similar ENORMOUS crack of thunder at the same time the lightning was flashing, so it was right on top of us. Torrential rain too.

    Hope Chuck is able to eat more than yogurt and ice cream today.

    1. It was a pretty wild thunderstorm. I am a light sleeper so I was awake on and off all night as the storm was going on.
      Chuck is eating a little more today. We had pancakes for lunch and we will have an omelet for supper. We received some organic, fresh eggs so I have alot of eggs to use up.


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