Busy morning

I was sitting on the back deck and this chipmunk was keeping me company. Looking for peanuts, I'm sure.
 A very busy morning this morning. I had a list of items we needed to purchase and places we needed to go. We walked out the door at 8:30 and did not get back until 12:30. At this moment Chuck is rolling the first coat of paint on the kitchen walls. Yaaaayyyy!
Butterscotch checking out the peanuts
We went to Home Depot and Lowes and purchased a faucet, a mirror, a light, and towel and toilet paper holders for the powder room. We had a style in mind and found exactly what we wanted. Then on to Walmart to pick up some groceries. Our Walmart here in Trenton does not have a vegetarian section while the Belleville does so that is where we pick up some of our veggie food. Then we hit No Frills and stocked up on some of the sale items. Chuck started flagging at this point so we headed home. I was getting pretty hungry too.
We dug out some of the old irises as they were not blooming well. This was the last one blooming so I brought it in the house and enjoyed it for a couple of days
 With Father's Day coming up naturally I am thinking alot about my Dad. He passed away 6 years ago and I miss him everyday. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him. While walking through our local cemetery recently (it's a nice place to walk) I discovered this poem on the back of one of the headstones. On the first anniversary of my father's death (2010) I put this poem in the paper to honour my Dad. This describes my Dad to a T. He loved nature and was happiest when he was outside. I am very much like him. My Mom always said my Dad and I were "Two peas in a pod".

 Hot and muggy here today but it is supposed to be cooler and drier tomorrow. I hope so as Chuck and I want to go pick strawberries and we have lots of yard work to do. It never stops!

Take care and enjoy your day.



  1. Lovely poem, very special. Beautiful Iris and I love the cheeky chipmunk xx

    1. I love all the chipmunks too even though they can be terribly destructive!

  2. I've always loved that poem, so beautiful.

    Your chipmunks and squirrels would be endlessly entertaining. And such cuties too. :-)

    Good luck to Chuck re: the painting -- oh, and I'm impressed you found everything you wanted for the powder room!

    P.S. We get the bonus of being able to put a face to the person behind the blog -- you're reflected in the gravestone, unless someone else took the pic. :-)

    1. The poem is so my Dad.
      I love to sit on the back deck and watch all the wildlife.
      The first coat of paint went on great. It looks so much better. Pictures to follow soon.
      Yes Kim that's me!

  3. I miss my dad a lot too. He died back in 1999.
    I've read that poem before. It is lovely.
    Nice to see you. : )

    1. I just love that poem. At our age we are all probably missing one of our parents. I feel blessed to still have my Mom. I hope your Mom is doing o.k.

  4. Butterscotch is really cute!
    I love that poem. My Dad died in 1992 and I still miss him all the time. It's never easy...

    1. She is very cute and seems to be staying around. she is at the feeders everyday around 4:30 so I make sure to have peanuts out for her.
      I think about my Dad everyday.

  5. I had a double take! My sister, upon my mother's request, read that at Mum's funeral. My dad died two years later. He and I were two peas in a pod like you and your dad. Dad died in 2000. What a great, funny man. I know how you feel. But remembering them keeps them alive for us, I think. It helps with the sadness and separation a bit.

  6. A lot of people seem to know this poem.
    Remembering does help a bit and talking about them too. My Mom likes to tell me stories of their early married life. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him.


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