I forgot!

 I forgot to post a photo of the kitchen with it's new paint. We like it very much and think it goes well with the cabinets, flooring and countertop. The area underneath the cupboards still white is where the backsplash is being installed.
I found a branch broken on our rose bush a couple of days ago but it was still alive. I brought it inside and within a day one of the blooms opened up. It smells heavenly!

I hung a load of wash out two hours ago in the beautiful sunshine and 5 minutes ago it started to pour. Now it is back to sunshine. Crazy weather today!

See you later!



  1. It looks fantastic! Job well done to your contractors, to Chuck, to you. I hope you feel great about all your choices and hard work.

    The rose is lovely...I can imagine how wonderful it smells. :-)

  2. We were really blessed with fantastic trades people. We do love it. I wouldn't change a thing!
    The rose is scenting the whole kitchen.
    Take care Kim.

  3. Oh I do love the look of your kitchen. Really NICE!!
    I've got some wash hung out on the line too. : )

    1. Thanks Karen.
      My wash dried quickly after the soaking it got yesterday. It is sunny out today so I have a few loads out now.
      Have a great day!


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