Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Toby visiting
 Well, almost. Lawn mowing and ceiling painting today. Just some pictures taken over the last week or so. I hope everyone has a nice day. Thank you for stopping by.           Robin
Mourning Dove on the deck

Robin enjoying a bath

Squirrel munching a peanut

Oreo saying hello

Chuck feeding the goats

Stormy sky


  1. Love the shots, especially of the robin taking a bath. Have a great day and good luck with the ceiling painting!

    1. The painting went good. It's all done! Hope you are having a good day too.

  2. it was and still is a stormy one here as well.

    1. The storms were crazy here! I was out in the garden and the wind whipped up so quickly.Lots of thunder and lightening.


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