Checking up on the Goslings

 We had to do a quick trip to Belleville a couple of days ago so we thought we would do a side trip and check up on how the goslings and ducklings were doing. They have grown quite a bit in the last two weeks.
 The geese just ignored us but the ducklings raced over to us in hopes of food.
 Ten seconds after I took this photo all the turtles jumped off the platform. I think a new one is needed here shortly!
 One of the geese was giving me the evil eye.
 These ones were still hoping for some food. I had not brought anything to feed them and all the machines with food you could buy were empty.
 This goat was attempting to snack on my purse.
 This goat was too busy playing to come over at first.

I pulled up some grass and dangled it over the fence. They both came right over to snatch it from me.

We are enjoying our visit with my Mum very much. Lots of talking and laughing. We hope to go today to Napanee to visit my grandparent's (my Mum's parents) grave site and to visit the town. My Mum spent alot of time in her growing up years there and has many memories of the area.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Take care.



  1. The goslings look like teenagers now. :-)

    Nice to see the pics! The goats are just too adorable. I thought you would write that the white one jumped into the water, just for the fun of it. (Do goats like water, other than to drink? I haven't a clue.)

    1. I love the goats too!
      The white one was being very playful and racing around.
      From what I have read goats are not too thrilled with water.
      Have a lovely evening!

  2. I am much more excited about the goats since we have so many geese and ducks where I live that it is CRAZY!
    At first I thought you were talking about the "Gosselins" from Kate Plus 8 lmao!!!

    1. I love anything that has fur or feathers! Well, mostly.
      I know some communities are over run with geese and they are quite a nuisance.
      Have a great weekend!

  3. I like the goats too and I too thought the goat was going to jump in the water. : )
    Lucy you got a shot of all the turtles before the went in the water!
    Have a great day.

    1. Thanks Karen. I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

  4. that's a busy walkway with the ducks and the turtles!!

    1. It is a very busy place. You have to watch you don't step on somebody (or something, lots of poop there!) every minute.


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