Early morning at the feeders (Many, many photos)

Mostly a stay at home day today. Downtown quickly to pay a bill and then home again. Chuck is at his last dentist appointment (hopefully) for awhile.
I always fill the bird feeders first thing in the morning and then the hordes descend.
 I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing such an assortment of birds eating.
 The Goldfinches seem to head straight to the feeders.
 I believe this is a female Grackle.
 There always seems to be a chipmunk or two...or three!
 Butterscotch paid a flying visit. I always put peanuts and sunflower seeds on this concrete block.
 This squirrel seems to be smiling for me!
 This Robin enjoyed a vigorous bath.....
 as did the Goldfinch.
 This squirrel had a very casual approach to eating. He just flaked out and munched some sunflower seeds.
 He then came up on the deck for a lay down.
 The heat didn't seem to bother these two young ones. They were having a good tussle.
 They remind me of two cats fighting.
 Time out for a quick scratch.
 Hmmmm,what's this?
 When he knocked over the little bird bath, it startled them for a moment..
 Then right back at it!

I also phoned my sister this morning. I wish we lived closer to each other as we always enjoy our time together. We haven't lived in the same town since 1986. Growing up we were surrounded by Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. I knew when I married Chuck we would have to leave my hometown but it didn't make it any easier.

I have a few loaves of bread baking right now and I want to try another recipe from "Wild in the Kitchen". Hope you day is going well. Take care.



  1. too hot for me today. Love all your photos, wish we could attract all that wildlife here.

    1. It is terribly hot! I was just outside watering my potted plants. I couldn't get back in fast enough!
      We do have lots of wildlife here. They eat a lot too!;)

  2. It's too hot for me today too. And I love seeing all your photos as well. So wonderful to have the feeders and the critters. When I first moved into the townhouse I put a feeder out for a winter or two; all I remember is what a god-awful mess the birds made, with so much seed wasted on the ground and rotting. What a stink come spring time! (Back in the day before I lost my sense of smell. LOL.)

    BTW, the young squirrel tussling was cute. Maybe they're named Nicki and Derry. :-)

    1. No seed gets wasted here! I could probably fill the feeders twice a day but that isn't happening. Rotten birdseed does stink!
      I thought of Nicki and Derry as I watched these two tussle. I grew up watching two Siamese cats tussling daily. Fur flying everywhere!
      I hope you have a nice evening. Take care Kim.

  3. I've missed so many of your posts...and I don't understand how! :) Butterscotch is the prettiest squirrel I've ever seen. Gosh, I've been sitting here reading. I love all your wildlife and all your pictures!

    1. Glad to see you back!
      Thanks for your kind words about my photos. I do love taking them! (just ask Chuck 😀)

  4. Love, love, love the pix of the frisky squirrels!

    1. They were quite happy to pose for me. They were tussling for a few minutes before I even started taking the photos.

  5. I baked bread today as well. In the heat of summer... we must be crazy. But seeing how fast it disappeared at supper made me glad I had bothered. Well, one loaf was eaten, the other went into the freezer. Love all the wildlife you have around and the pics you take. We don't get as many 'visitors' as we might if we didn't have a dog in the yard. He leaves the birds alone but won't tolerate squirrels at all.

    1. Yes, we must be crazy! But I prefer home baked bread over store bought bread so it is worth the effort. I make three loaves at a time, cut them in half and freeze them. With just the two of us a half loaf lasts us a couple of days. We are blessed to have all the wildlife (I think, anyway!) around us. We don't have any dogs close by but a couple of neighbours have cats. They sometimes put the run on the squirrels.

  6. I've never seen squirrels play like that. I agree with you that reminded me of cats playing.
    Lots of activity around the yard today. : )

    1. We have always put up bird (Or should I say squirrel?) feeders up at all our homes so I have seen young ones playing like that many times but this is the first time I was close enough to get photos.
      The feeders are a little quieter today as it is already very hot and humid.


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