Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mr and Mrs Cardinal (Or maybe Mr and immature Cardinal)

 I have tried all summer long to get some photos of the cardinals. They are so flitty it has been hard to get any decent ones. Yesterday was my lucky day. I had put out a few scoops of sunflower seeds and peanuts under the feeders and around some of the trees. Then I sat and waited. It wasn't long before the male showed up.
 He ate himself for a minute or so and then started to check things out.
 I think another bird was up in the bird bath in this photo.
 The female/baby then flew down and started eating too.
 He was searching for the perfect morsel to give to the female/baby.
 I guess he spotted the perfect seed/bug for her.
 Here you go! I was very pleased to get this shot. My first ever. I often think of my Dad when I am taking bird photos. Birding was something we both loved.

Could not resist one more photo of Butterscotch. She was enjoying all the extra peanuts too.

Lovely cool, dry day today. I got an email about the Matzoh Meal. It may be here on Friday! YUM! I can't wait.

Take care and have a good day.



  1. Oh wonderful captures! Great timing yesterday...and great bribe too. :-) I had snapped a blurry pic of a cardinal up on the power or phone lines on the way to work this morning and posted it, would love to be able to get close ups like you did!

    1. Thanks Kim! All the stars were lined up for me yesterday. I am still trying to get some Bluejay photos. They are very flitty too.
      Take care!

  2. So sweet. Love the cardinal pix. Mine see me and fly away so I rarely am able to photograph them. And I adore that caramel squirrel!

    1. I love cardinals! Who am I kidding, I love all birds!
      My photo taking spot is actually a basement window that is at ground level that looks out onto our backyard. The birds don't realize I am ten-fifteen feet away from them. It's great!
      I do love Butterscotch too. I often think as I am taking her photograph this may be the last time I see her. I know, I'm soppy!

  3. Butterscotch is indeed unusual but very pretty. Love Cardinal's.

    1. She is very unusual! I am surprised she has survived this long without a hawk nabbing her.

  4. Great shots of the cardinals. Luck and patience was with you. : )

    1. It sure was Karen! I was hoping it would just be a matter of time for me to get these photos. The squirrels tend to muscle everyone around at the feeders but I did luck out.


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