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One of the blogs I read is titled "Ronna's Blog" written by Ronna Mogelon. She is a graphic artist, chef, and amateur naturalist. Last week on her blog she mentioned one of the book's she has written "Wild in the Kitchen". As soon as I read the title I knew I wanted the book. I found it on Amazon and it arrived a few days ago. What a wonderful book! So many recipes I want to try. I had some blackberries in the fridge and noticed a recipe for Blackberry Crisp. I didn't have the amount called for in the recipe. On the bottom of the recipe Ronna added that you could substitute raspberries or apples for some of the blackberries. On our walks in the mornings I have noticed a number of wild apple trees. I grabbed a cloth bag on our way out for a walk this morning to hold the apples.
Unbaked Blackberry Crisp
This is my version of Blackberry Crisp. It is more apple than Blackberry. I baked it in my Mum's old pyrex pie plate. I remember many pies baked in this in my childhood.
Baked Blackberry Crisp 
It is positively delicious! It did not look like this for very long. The aroma in the house was heavenly.
It is raspberry and blueberry time here now so I know I will be using many more recipes from this book!

This Bluejay showed up at the feeder this morning. I don't know what is wrong with him. He seemed alright and stayed and ate quite a bit. Hopefully it is just cosmetic not life threatening.

These are the apples I used for the Crisp. They are rather small and TART but very tasty. We will be going back and picking more tomorrow.

Mr. Squirrel
One of the many squirrels that visit the feeders all day long. They all look as healthy as this one. I wonder why? :)

Chuck is outside washing the car right now. He has finished painting the upstairs hall and wanted to breathe some non- painty air. We are having crown moulding installed in the family room next week so Chuck will need to paint it afterwards. I will post some pictures when it is done.

Sunny right now but we are supposed to get some rain later in the day. We could use it!

Take care and have a good day.



  1. You are a cruel, cruel woman to post that apple/blackberry crisp. I LOVE any kind of fruit crisp. It looks delicious! You know I'm doing the myfitnesspal thing, right? I might have to boycott your blog. LOL.

    I've never seen a blue bird look like that, like you, I hope it's cosmetic.

    That's a fabulous squirrel photo, I mean, really fabulous!

    Have a great afternoon/evening!

    P.S. It's going to rain, now that Chuck has washed the car. Just sayin'.

  2. Sorry Kim,I don't know what I was thinking! It is so delicious, I am sitting here thinking about it. Not good!
    I have to check on line and see what is wrong with the bluejay.
    Thanks for your kind words about the squirrel photo. He didn't notice me so I was able to get a good closeup of him.
    This afternoon I am actually just sitting and reading. Something I have not done in a long time.
    Take care and talk soon.

    1. I just found out why the bluejay is bald. It is just molting. Most of the time it is just gradual, but some birds lose all their head feathers at once. They will grow back

  3. Oh my that looks so good. I can almost smell it. : )
    Nice to read that the bluejay is just molting. He looks pretty bad!!

    1. It did smell heavenly!
      Hopefully the bluejay gets his feathers back soon.

  4. ohhhh that looks soooooooooooo delicious and I am a HUGE fan of squirrels!

    1. It is very good!
      I do love squirrels too but I know they can be destructive.

  5. So happy you like the book. One day we'll have to meet up and I can sign it! Many of the recipes for baked goods in the book are adapted from my mum's, so they're bound to taste good.

    1. Your book is great! I would love to meet and have you sign my book. What a wonderful way to honour your Mum. I plan on trying many of the baked goods recipes. Take care.

  6. That pie looks very yummy :))))) LOVE your shots of the bird and squirrel, what a great shot! he's so cute!

    1. Thanks Summer! The pie is very yummy. I am lucky to be able to get such great photos of the wildlife in our yard. We are surrounded by trees which everybody loves, so we have lots of animal and bird visitors.


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