On the water.

 It was such a beautiful morning we thought we would visit the new Marina here in Trenton. It is very hot and windy today so the water is very choppy.
 This is the boardwalk the general public can walk on out to one of the break walls. There is another boardwalk but only boaters can use it.
 This is the new boathouse. We went inside and it is very nice. They have showers and washrooms for the boaters and a cafe with a large seating area overlooking the water. There are a few things left to finish up in the landscaping but they hope to have it done soon.
 The humidity is very high today as you can see by this photo.
 This was the largest boat in the marina. It is HUGE!
These people were flying around in their sailboat due to the high winds.

Not doing much today because of the heat. I watered flowerpots and made sure the birdbaths were filled up before coming back inside. Not many birds at the feeders today. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. I sure hope so!

Take care and stay cool!



  1. I would like the money for that boat/yacht. Not the boat. :-)

    Will the new marina generate enough income to pay for itself? That is, was it worth it? It certainly looks nice!

    We're baking here, and I picked today to prime the little kitchen "island," since it's not going to be replaced any time soon. Coat #5 is drying and I probably will do one more, just for good measure. Super-small job, but it's been enough to clarify that I do NOT want to repaint the rest of the counter, let alone tackle the old, beat up cupboards. It's just not worth my time and effort.

    Anyway, stay cool and enjoy ac if you have it, think you do. A couple of the transit buses this AM had their ac going full blast and oh, it felt so good. LOL.

    1. The marina will not generate enough income to pay for itself which is a bone of contention for many here in Trenton.
      I remember you wanted to get your island countertop replaced, did you not? Chuck is painting too and it is drying so fast.
      We do have airconditioning here but it took so long to come on because the house is so shaded from the trees. It finally came on about 2 this afternoon. Upstairs is rather warm but the main floor is cool.
      The heat I think is to break tomorrow so try to stay cool until then. Give the boys a snuggle for me!

  2. Wonderful landscape and what a serene view, weather looks so nice too, at least better than rain. Greetings!

    1. Thank you for your kind words.It is very pretty. We have had a very hot, humid weekend. We could use some rain! Take care.

  3. We got very little rain yesterday and we're not forecast any for most of the week. The water looks refreshing. This past weekend was much too hot for me.

    1. We got exactly 22 drops of rain yesterday with no more forecast here either. This weekend was too hot for me too. Stay cool!


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