Show me a Quilt......

And I will buy it! No, not really but I could not resist this one as it was only $30.00.
 I bought it at the same antique store I purchased the Sunbonnet Lady quilt. In the bottom row in the middle is a panel that says" Liz, Love Mum 1986". It is all done by hand, not on a sewing machine. The stitches are very even and neat. Who knows why Liz got rid of it.
 This male goldfinch was busy in our birch tree out front eating I don't know what. I love their vivid yellow feathers.
This rabbit was at the feeders a couple of evenings ago eating. He stayed around for quite awhile but I scared him off when I went out to get the wash off the clothesline.
Just a quiet day today, some grocery shopping and bill paying before lunch and Chuck painted some trim upstairs in the hall afterwards. I talked to my Mum and caught up on family news as my Aunt Betty (my Dad's sister) had called Mum yesterday.
Take care and have a nice evening!


  1. Good buy on the quilt! It's possible that Liz passed away and the mother couldn't bear to have the quilt--or vice versa, the mother passed and Liz couldn't. Or there was a falling out. Or the mother and Liz both are dead, some tragic accident, and someone else either in the family or outside it, got rid of the quilt. Lots of scenarios! Of course now my interest in piqued and I want to know the back story. LOL.

    I know we have goldfinches here, I've seen them at the conservation area, but I never see any in our neighbourhood. Maybe they need more space/land?

    Apparently that rabbit is bellying up to your buffet (the feeders) A LOT. Ha. Very...healthy looking. :-)

    1. I know Kim ,I was imagining all different scenarios too! The antique store owner buys estate lots so maybe a death of Liz or Mum was the case.
      We have numerous goldfinches here. We also have numerous trees. I don't know if your neighbourhood has lots of trees.
      All the rabbits are very healthy looking here. Our neighbour across the street has three feeders out too.
      Take care and have a good day.

  2. that rabbit does indeed look very healthy! That's a pretty colour for the quilt.

    1. I love the colours in the quilt too. For now I have it across the back of one of our couches which is dark green. Have a nice day.


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