Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Morning Walk

It was very hot and humid when I woke up at 5:30 this morning. I don't like walking in the heat so I woke Chuck up and we decided to go for our walk right away. No one else was walking this early so it was very peaceful.
 The Queen Anne's Lace is just starting to bloom. They are so pretty.
 Until you get close up to Sumac you don't realize how beautiful it is.
 The same goes for Milkweed. We have lots of this in our neighbourhood. Hopefully that means we have lots of butterflies! I have noticed there are less Monarch Butterflies around in the last ten years. The first summer after we moved back from Nova Scotia (2005) Chuck and I were walking up our street and a flock? (is that what you can lots of butterflies?) flew by us. There must of been 100 of them. It was beautiful. I have not seen anything like it since. So sad.
This is the new neighbourhood being built at the bottom of our street. This originally was part of a large farm. Corn grew here for many years.
It is starting to get dry. This large puddle had been here for weeks.
This is another part of the farm. I think this is wild grape growing on the old fence.
This is the only building left from the farm. It was a wonderful farm. It had pick-your-own-strawberries, apples and various other fruit and vegetables. The farm house was red brick, three stories and around 100 years old. The family has another farm just outside of town with a store but it is not the same.
The muskrats are still in this pond. When we walked by this morning I could hear something splashing in there!
This is his (her?) entrance to the pond across the street. A few weeks ago when we walked by here, we surprised him sitting in the grass. We had a quick glimpse of him before he jumped into the pond.
This is further on in our walk. This treehouse has been here as long as we have lived here. The tree has grown right through the house.
We walk all the way up this road. I turned around and took this when we got to the top.
I love these flowers! A neighbour has a large clump of them right by the sidewalk so everyone can enjoy them. I will leave you with this last picture of this little one sitting on a lawn just down the street from us.
Take care and enjoy your day.                   Robin


  1. What a lovely morning walk! Wildflowers (a.k.a. weeds) always catch my eye too. I suppose that new development will be a typical ugly sub-division. I'm so anti-development. No one seems to spend the money to make new housing developments park-like and beautiful. Ok, I'll stop before I start on a real tirade. :-)

    I hope you've been enjoying the rest of the day too. Have a good week!

    1. Walking with my Mum growing up was always interesting because she could name many of the plants using the latin names, something she learned in school.
      It is the usual housing development. The name of the street is Blossom Lane. There won't be a blossom in sight by the time the construction company rips every growing thing out in sight!
      Our last home was in a new development but we were the first new house built on an already established street so on one side of our yard we had a number of trees but the other side was bare. When we looked for a new home we were attracted to this one right away because being 25 years old it had numerous mature trees surrounding the yard.
      Have a good week too Kim.

  2. Lovely walk, I can see why it has the name Queen Anne's Lace, it's so delicate. Shame about the farm, sad to see a bit of local history disappear xx

    1. More and more farms are disappearing in this area to make way for housing developments. I realize there has to be a willing seller (farm owner) but it is still very sad to see the family owned farms gone.

  3. We have those three weed/flowers here too and I see them on my walks. The milkweed and the sumac are just about to bloom but not quite yet.
    Sounds like a lovely walk though a bit early for me. : ) It was only 54 degrees here this morning when I walked.

    1. I wish it was that cool here in the mornings! I hate the heat.
      I could not begin to take photos of all the weed/flowers that are blooming right now. Chuck allergies are very bad now due to so many things blooming!

  4. Love your photos. The flowers are so beautiful! Great walk.

    1. Thanks Ronna. We are blessed to live right on the edge of town so we can either walk out in the country or walk downtown and do some errands. The best of both worlds,I guess.

  5. what an absolutely gorgeous place to take a walk. I can smell the fresh country air now!

    1. Thanks Caren. Most days it is a lovely place to walk. There is a paper mill in town that sometimes smells awful. Have a good day.


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