Thursday Mish-Mash

 Sorry Kim, I stole your word Mish-Mash! It is a very accurate description of this post.
Do you remember this beautiful lilac hedge from our walk? Gone! The construction company bulldozed it down sometime on Tuesday. How sad. Have to make way for more houses!:(
 The saga of the Sad Stone House continues. My friend Janice heard a rumour that it is going to be torn down. We talked last night and hopefully we are going this week to peek in the windows and take some photos. Janice's daughter is getting married in a couple of months so she has been very busy planning the wedding.

 We walked downtown on Tuesday. I received a notice that the Fall Sears catalogue was in so I wanted to pick it up. We have had a Sears depot in Trenton for probably 50 years. Being such a small town everyone knew all the employees that worked there. The elderly lady owner and her daughter had ran it for many of those 50 years. The daughter had some health issues a couple of years ago but the mother kept on running the store. Well,(sorry, long story) Chuck and I went to pick up the catalogue and the store is closed! Just a sign on the door thanking everyone for visiting the store. I would have thought the store closing would have made the paper. So sad to see the store all closed up.

 This a a lovely park downtown dedicated to all the service members who died in the two World Wars. It is very peaceful. If I worked downtown, and was able to, I would eat my lunch here everyday.
 The flowers are beautiful. The city takes such good care of the park.
 I love cosmos. I just looked cosmos up in the dictionary and it states"a tall garden herb related to the daisies".  Herb? I didn't know that.
This is another memorial to fallen soldiers. It's on  a small piece of land where our old library originally was. It sits on a raised set of steps and looks very impressive. On Remembrance Day we all gather here for the ceremony.

Not much going on today. Chuck is at the dentist getting his cracked tooth fixed. That should be it for him going to the dentist for awhile. I'm just doing some cleaning today and some baking,

Enjoy your day!                                           Robin


  1. "Mish-mash" covers everything!

    Very sad about the lovely lilac hedge. Trust a developer to raze everything to the ground in favour of endless concrete. Grrrrr.

    I wonder if anything of the old stone house (inside or out) could be salvaged. It would be nice if people had the opportunity to take away wooden beams or whatever still is usable.

    The fall catalogue already? I used to get them "delivered" to my door step (unasked), but I find Sears generally overpriced so rarely shop there (in store or online).

    Pretty park and flowers! It's nice to see a city/town make an effort with green space.

    You know the park I love the most, in this general area? Perth's! OMG, when Dad and I visited a couple of years ago, I fell in love with their town park, with the river flowing through it. I could live in Perth in the spring, summer and fall -- I'd be at that park every day. I think it's the sound of running water I love so much -- that's something we don't have here.

    Good luck to Chuck...I feel about the dentist (and doctor) the way the boys feel about their vet. LOL.

    1. Hi Kim, I don't know if anything will be saved from the stone house. I will have to quiz Janice on that. I certainly hope so.
      I purchase maybe two items a year from Sears. I generally just like to see what is in fashion for the coming season. Not that I'm particularly ever in fashion!
      We have never visited Perth. Another place on our list of towns to visit. I will look it up online too.When I was a kid we vacationed every summer in New Hampshire in a cottage right beside a lake. I would lay in bed at night and hear the whoosh,whoosh of the water on the shore. Beautiful.
      Everything went fine at the dentist for Chuck. He doesn't mind going. (Crazy!) For a few years after his accident it seemed like he lived at the dentist office so it is like a second home to him(his words!).
      Hope you have a nice day!

  2. Sad about the house, as it looks like a fine place to live. Nice photos and thanks for sharing!

    1. What you can't see around the old stone house is progress has crept in. Walmart is right across the street and a large new neighbourhood is being built just down the road.
      Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Too bad about the lilac hedge. Too bad they couldn't have saved it.
    It would be fun to look in the window of the house.
    The cosmos flowers are very pretty. I think I'll add them to my garden next year.
    Hope things went well for Chuck at the dentist.

    1. We were very lucky when they built our home 25 years ago they saved most of the trees around the house so we are enjoying 70+ oak and maple trees.
      I hope we do get a chance to peek in the windows of the stone house!
      The dentist missed coating part of Chuck's fractured tooth so he has to go back today. He drank a very cold drink and nearly shot to the ceiling!

  4. It makes me sad when I see beautiful areas destroyed in the name of "progress". "They paved paradise to put up a parking lot."
    Hoping all went well at the Dentist.

    1. That line from the old song is so true! I don't know who is buying all these houses. We are a very small town. Granted we do have an Air Force Base here but it isn't growing that much.
      Hope you have a nice weekend.

  5. Thnaks so much for visiting our blog. We love your Mish Mash day. We do the same thing too. It is a great way to tell a bunch of stuff. Your pictures are great and I hate it too when things get mowed down for progress.You all have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks Marg. Some days are just a mishmash. Hugs to all your animals. Take care.


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