Saturday, July 18, 2015

Too Hot!

 We had to make a quick trip to Belleville AGAIN so we stopped in to visit the pond. Someone rescued the turtle platform from sinking and positioned it in another part of the pond. It was so hot I guess most of the turtles were in the water.
 This smallish one stayed put and let me get quite close.
 I am assuming these are the same geese that have been living at the pond all along. They have grown quite a bit in the last few weeks. We spent 10 minutes there and they were washing and preening the whole time.
 I love their knobby knees!
 So pretty.
 The goats were baaaing while I was taking the geese photos so I thought I better go visit them.
 Having a little snuggle.
 While Chuck was watching the turtles, this goose was sneaking up behind him!
 We did our errands and started for home. On one of the roads we take, this animal structure has sat for many years. We have lived here on and off for 30 years and in that whole time there has never been a farm here. I can only imagine how old this building is.
 This house is halfway between Trenton and Belleville. I just love it. It always has been maintained beautifully.
And lastly this weekend is "Festival On The Bay" here in Trenton. Lots of activities, music and eating going on. We have gone in years past but it is too darn hot today. We are flaking out in the house not doing much this afternoon.

I hope wherever you are you are keeping cool. Take care.



  1. I love your pics today, especially the second one, of the turtle, and the third, your first one with the geese (love the outstretched wings). It's a hot day for the festival! Last weekend was Buskers here, but I steered clear of the crowds, in the heat. I think we're luckier here today, there's a decent breeze from the Lake, but the house is heating up again and will be "ugly" by tonight or tomorrow.

    I remember gawking at some of the "homes" (mansions) between Trenton and Belleville. Estates. Impressive, at least from the outside. I like your brick home -- love the veranda. Always wanted a home that had a veranda like that. Fully screened for the bugs (retractable screens maybe). :-)

    1. Hi Kim,hope you are keeping cool.
      The pictures you mentioned are my favourites too!
      It is awfully hot here. We were just talking to a neighbour who said she and her husband sat downtown and listened to a band, I imagine they were cooking!
      The homes between Trenton and Belleville are fabulous. A mix of old and new. When Chuck and I were first married we rented a house from the 1920's that had a large front porch. I loved it!
      Take care and have a nice evening.

  2. Great critter post, I love the turtles and the cute goats and the geese. The festival looks like a fun time! Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Thanks for visiting and the kind compliments. I enjoy your blog very much. Take care.

  3. Oh that turtle, we don't have wildlife like that here, what an amazing thing to see. I'm sure those goats were posing for you just to get your attention, hope it cools down a bit for you xx

    1. We are very blessed to have such diverse wildlife here. We are pretty rural, there was a bear seen not very far away. The goats love attention and cuddles. I hope it cools down too!

  4. It's super hot here in Michigan too. Extremely humid and in the 90s. I LOVE the photo of the goats with the little red barn, so darling!

    1. Thanks Caren! I am getting tired of all this hot,humid weather as I am sure you are.

  5. My favorite photo is the single turtle.
    Always enjoy your posts. : )

    1. Thanks Karen, I enjoy your blog too.
      The turtle photo did turn out well. Pure luck and a cooperative turtle!


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