Family Room Done!

Our family room is a room we tend to spend a good amount of time in. Our only T.V. is in there, along with our stereo and a comfy couch for reading. Here is how the room looked the day we purchased our home. Perfectly decent room, peach paint and blue berber carpeting, just not our taste.
 Here is the after, taken last Saturday. Quite a difference!
 Yes, we have lots of stuff! When my Mum moved in with my brother she did not have the room for many of her antiques so we ended up with most of them. I do love them as I grew up with most of it.
 There is the "Liz" quilt I got a few weeks ago.
 I guess I should have said we have two T.V's in there. The old one is a 1951 Westinghouse. It works very well!
 The old stereo in the middle is from the 1950's too. The sound is fantastic!
 The photos are all of Chuck's family. His Mom is in the top row in the middle. She was around18 years old then. Everyone but one lady in the photos died in concentration camps during WWII. Chuck's Mom was brought out of Germany when she was a year old and adopted by Chuck's Grandparents in England. Chuck recently discovered relatives of the women (his Great Aunt) who left Germany before the war and acquired these photos. We never want to forget these people.
 These photo's are my Mum and Dad with the middle one being my Dad and I. My next project is to size all these photos the same and put them in matching frames.

We are very pleased with how the family room turned out. Much more our taste now.
 I can't go a day without sharing some bird photos. I love the soft blue colour of the mourning doves eyelid. Bald Bluejay looks better everyday.
 I finally managed to get a chickadee photo. They move so quickly I couldn't get one.
 I just took this photo an hour or so ago. I snapped it on our way home from the hardware store. It looked very ominous but only produced 10 drops of rain. We really need some more rain. The lawn is getting a little crispy!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. We loved redoing the room. Chuck and I have very similar tastes so it went pretty smoothly.

Take care and enjoy your evening!



  1. I really like your redo of the family room. Just getting rid of the carpet and those window "treatments" was a huge improvement.

    That old TV! We never had one like that. I grew up with a 14-inch black and white one, but Mom did have a floor console stereo system, not that old (early 70s) that she only got rid of fairly recently.

    Those photos of Chuck's family are precious, definitely treasures, albeit very bittersweet. I can't pretend to know what it's like to have had family die in a concentration camp...I can't comprehend that kind of evil and most of us probably can't. But that's not for this post.

    Baldy IS looking much, much better. Poor thing was kind of creepy looking before. LOL.

    Our grass is crispy too. Hard to believe we're into the stretch of summer already. I was in Costco this morning...OMC, they had a Christmas tree up already, along with their Halloween costumes. It was beyond ridiculous.

    1. Firstly, I just heard about Chris's death too. How shocking!
      Thank you for your kind words about our family room. We do love vintage electronics. Imagine a T.V today lasting 65 years!
      We are very blessed to have the photos of Chuck's extended family. He often wondered where he got his mechanical ability because his Dad sure didn't have it. We found out his birth grandfather (his mom's birth father) was a mechanic. Blood holds true.
      Poor old Baldy. I just saw him/her outside in the pouring rain and he looks pretty pathetic.
      Someone else told me they saw Christmas trees up in a store. Incredible!
      Take care and thinking of you tomorrow taking Nicki to the vet!

  2. Oh, what a great make-over. Hardwood floors instead of the carpeting makes a huge difference. Plus, all the interesting stuff to look at!

    1. Thanks Joe! We knew as soon as we viewed the house we were ripping out all the carpeting and putting in hardwood floors. Take care.

  3. oh yes there is a HUGE difference!! The hardwoods make all the difference in the world! So attractive and cozy!

  4. The room looks fantastic! Love the antiques esp. that old TV!!

    1. We are antique nuts as both are parents were. I can' imagine not having any antiques. I grew up sleeping in a 100 year old bed.

  5. I agree the room does indeed look great. A job well done I say!

    1. Thanks Gill! Chuck deserves most of the credit.

  6. I'm just catching up on your posts here. I love what you've done with your family room!!


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