Matzo Ball Soup......and other things!

Today for lunch I thought Matzo Ball Soup seemed like a good idea. I knew I had everything that is required so after a quick Canadian Tire run I came home and started. From start to eating it probably takes an hour but only a little of that is preparation, mostly it is simmering. I should say too we call this Matzo Ball Soup just because of the addition of Matzo Balls. There is numerous other recipes for Matzo Ball Soup. This is the one we prefer.
 Sorry, very blurry. I took it very quickly as we were hungry!
 Here is the recipe from Country Woman magazine Jan/Feb 1993. I use no-salt vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. The other half of the recipe is below.
 The Matzo Ball recipe is just the one on the side of the box of Matzo Meal. The soup was good and is very filling.
 I forgot to mention in my Road Trip post we stopped at a great thrift store called "Beyond the Blue Box" Cobourg has very strict garbage and recycling laws so if you have anything that does not qualify as garbage or recycling you are encouraged to donate it to this thrift store. It is hit and miss for finding things. I found the creamer and sugar bowl there. It is Carltonware in the "Foxglove" pattern. Both pieces were $5.00. I have a set of Carltonware in another pattern but no creamer and sugar bowl so I was happy to find this. Now when friends come over for a cup of tea I have something pretty to use.
 I also purchased these books and magazines. They were $2.00 in total. The prices are fantastic at the store.
 When we did our Canadian Tire run this morning I noticed they are clearing out the garden centre. I love Purple Coneflower! I hadn't planted any here at this house yet because it needs sun and I wasn't sure with all the trees around the house where would the best place be to plant it.
 Here it is in the front garden. Hopefully it will survive but as I paid only $5.00 for it I am willing to experiment.
 Love the Brown (Black?) Eyed Susan.
Not sure what this plant is. Maybe Bougainvillea? It is at our neighbours. He said the hummingbirds love it.
And finally, some visitors to the feeders after lunch today.
I hope you are having a pleasant weekend. Take care.


  1. Mmmm, lunch looked really yummy, especially the soup! I used to make a lot of soups (and chilis, stews), but I find it hard to scale back for just me and when I freeze leftovers they end up in the freezer for 6 months before I toss them out. Once falls sets in, though, I'll haul up my crock pot and try to just make enough for a couple of bowls of soup. That'll be my challenge!

    The creamer and sugar bowl are lovely, great buys too!

    Love all the flowers and the bird shots too, especially the blue jay -- it's a really, really good capture. Good luck with the purple coneflower. At the very worst you paid $5 for a bit of extra compost. LOL.

    1. Hi Kim. I've only started making soup the last few years. I don't know why. I enjoy using my Crock Pot too. The one we got for a wedding present died a few months ago. We got 31 years out of it! I find it a challenge too with recipe proportions just for the two of us. Leftovers sometimes get lost in the back of the fridge!
      Thanks for your kind words concerning the Bluejay photo. He sat there for about 20 seconds drinking water so I was able to get numerous shots. This was the best.
      Fingers crossed for the coneflower! I do love them.
      Take care and talk soon.

  2. Great thrift store finds...especially the cream and sugar with Foxgloves on them. It's funny with Purple Coneflowers in my yard. The original plant never seems to come up the second year but one or two will come up about three feet away. Love the Brown-eyed Susans.
    Your soup looks yummy. Maybe next week I will try that recipe. I'll try to scale it down for two servings. DH is not enough of a soup person to want it a second day.

  3. Thanks G.M.!
    The soup is very good. It does make enough for 2 for 2 days.
    Hope you get a chance to try it!

  4. I love the milk jug and sugar bowl and a bargain of a price. Not keen on Matzo ball soup. Like the soup part of it, just not the Matzo ball part of it.

    1. I think you either love matzo balls or hate them. They are a different consistency. It took me awhile to like them!

  5. You found some good things at the thrift store! Like the creamer and sugar. : )
    Cone flowers grow like weeds in my yard.
    Glad to see the bluejay with his feathers on his head.

    1. Lucky you that you have so many coneflowers! I love any daisy kind of flower. The Bluejay is starting to look much better.


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