Nothing at all.

Starlings bathing in the neighbours rain barrel.
 Not a busy day here yesterday. Chuck had to go for blood work first thing in the morning prior to an upcoming physical, then a quick errand and we were home. It was a little on the cool side so I decided to bake some bread.
Female Cardinal.
 I hadn't made a batch of bread with the flour I purchased at Tyrone Mills yet so I wanted to try it. I made a batch of Blueberry Banana Muffins last week with it and they turned out delicious.
Sigh...I give up.
The smell was heavenly. I love warm bread out of the oven with butter. Yum!
Bald Bluejay.
 Chuck also had to change a plug in our laundry room to a GFI one. Talking about it with Kim on the weekend reminded us we wanted to change it.
He's getting blue on his head again.
The other day I was walking around downtown and stopped in at one of our thrift stores.
Sorry, blurry. I must have taken 5 photos. This was the best.
I found this book in our "Bibles For Missions" thrift store and was immediately intrigued. The title alone made it worth the fifty cents it cost!
 Very interesting reading with Outdoor experts giving their favourite recipes and a little blurb about their experiences.
 The cartoons are very cute!
 The people look like weebles. Many recipes are from climbers and hikers. A friend of ours is a climber and regularly goes down to the Adirondack Mountains. He trains by walking around town here with a fifty pound pack on his back.
Blurry bread dough photo
We are off to visit Mum today. She needs a few groceries and I will bring her the pan of platz I made for her last week.
Take care and enjoy your day!


  1. Mmm, the bread looks yummy and I bet with the flour you used it's more filling. I found that with your muffin, actually.

    Do you get TVO (tv station)? Years ago they ran a program with British archaeologists and historians (three of whom have since done many yearly programs set during different eras). They lived on the Welsh border for a year, circa early1600s, and had to make everything, food included, with the tools of the day. It was so interesting, especially to see the women cook food of the day, quite different from what we eat now.

    Tales of the Green Valley -- here's one link to an overview:

    I wonder if they ever put together a cook book...I seem to recall them working from a reproduction of one, but since most people would have been illiterate, I imagine any cook book would have been produced later, writing down recipes that were passed along, generation to generation. (I'm guessing at that.)

    Anyway, your cookbook find made me think of that!

    BTW, they also did Tudor Monastery Farm, Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm, Wartime Farm (WWII), and various specials.

    1. I have heard of the shows you mentioned. I believe my Mum was following the Edwardian Farm one.We can only pick up one or two stations over the air, one of them being TVO. We just don't get much of a chance to watch T.V. I will check out the link you sent me.
      I so wish my Oma had written down some of her recipes. Some of my Aunts have some recipes but most were just in my Oma's head.
      Take care Kim.

  2. Seeing the Starling reminded me of the two Starlings we raised several years ago. A nest of baby Starlings fell from over a loading dock door onto a cement floor. Two of the newly hatched babies survived the fall and a worker brought them to me. My husband and I raised the birds and they became pets. We set them free but they would come to us anytime we were outside. It was such a wonderful. I loved those birds!

    1. What a wonderful story. We had a similar experience with a Robin when I was growing up.

  3. beautiful birds and your bread looks very it smelt lovely! I love fresh baked bread and loads of butter :)

    1. Thanks Summer! It was delicious. I love fresh baked bread with anything!

  4. I too love the smell of fresh bread baking, but then again who doesn't. : )
    My mom and step-dad live in the Adirondack Mountains.

    1. It is such a wonderful smell.
      How lovely your parents live in the Adirondack.


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