Road Trip Part 1.

With nothing going on at home yesterday we decided it was a good day to pay my Mum a visit. You may remember she lives with my brother about an hour away from us. We were on the road by 9:15 as we had a few stops to make before we got to Mum's.
 Just a few clouds in the sky as we drove out to the 401.

 Such beautiful clouds yesterday. This was looking out over Lake Ontario.
 The further west we went the clouds got thicker.
 This photo is taken looking north of the highway.
 Sorry, I do love clouds!
 Our destination was Tyrone Mills. It is one of Canada's oldest operating water powered mills opening in 1846, still employing methods and machinery from the last century. You can purchase cedar and pine boards that were milled right on site.
This is the bake oven they bake some of their delicious treats. The bakery has butter tarts, cider donuts and many other yummy things! No, we did not purchase any yesterday. Not that it wasn't tempting!
They have all sorts of old fashioned appliances and machinery.
This is the antique woodworking shop on the second floor. As you can imagine everything is very creaky and rather precarious. On the floor on the woodworking shop you can see the wide plank floors. They were beautiful!
Some of the tools of the trade if you were a logger in the last century.
We walked out back where there had been a wooden boardwalk around the mill pond. It has become rather dilapidated so they closed it off. I do have some great photos from a few years ago when it still was open.
This truck is from the 1950's I believe. When we first discovered Tyrone Mills a few years ago it was in much better shape. It seems no money has been put into the building  and surrounding site for some years. I was a little nervous walking in the woodworking shop as the floors were shifting around and you could see through the cracks in the floor to the store down below. So sad.
I did buy some organic whole wheat floor for bread making. They grind it right there so you know it is very fresh. I'm looking forward to baking with it.
We left the Mill around 11:15 and made the short drive to Mum's
 We were very glad to see her and we sat down to have lunch. This was the view out the dining room patio door. Not too good!
Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the photos. Thank you for sticking with me. I know it is alot of photos.
Take care and have a good day.     Robin


  1. Road trip!!! I love road trips. Well, day trips. I've never even heard of Tyrone Mills, even after 19 years here. I think it's great they grind the flour right there and sell it. I used to buy the flour at Upper Canada Village when we'd go up a couple of times during each tourist season -- very different consistency than modern, store-bought flour, with different results in baking.

    I hope you had a lovely visit with your mum, and that there wasn't a storm. Those clouds were ominous!

    1. I love day trips too, Kim.
      I imagine the flour is very similar to what you purchased at Upper Canada Village. We haven't been there in ages either.
      We had a lovely visit with Mum. Being 82 I am always thinking that this could be the last time I see her. Morbid, I know!

  2. Such a pretty drive. I love visiting old mills. There is an old mill just a mile or so from our house. It's closed now, but we used to take our company there. I used to buy cornmeal there too. I've caught up reading your posts back to the gathering of wild apples. I love your family room...and that old TV! The days pass too fast!!

    1. Hi Henny Penny, glad you are enjoying my posts.
      Thanks for your kind words about our family room. We purchased the T.V at an antique store for $25.00 about 10 years ago and it was even delivered for that price! I think he thought we were nuts to buy it and was so glad to be rid of it!

  3. I'd love to spend an entire day going through that old mill. As for clouds? I take away too many pictures of them. They fascinate me. Love the ones you took.

    1. It would easily take a full day to go thru the mill. It is jam packed! Thanks G.M, I do love taking photos.

  4. How lovely, I love looking at clouds and old places, love that mill. NOT too many photos, you cant show what a place is like unless you put allot of photos up... I should know LOL :) great post.

    1. Hi Summer, it was a lovely day. I always enjoy looking at your photos. You have a fantastic camera. I hope to get a better one for Christmas (hint, hint). Take care!

  5. Nice to catch up on your last few days posts. I always enjoy visiting here with you. : )
    Your family room turned out great. What a difference. It looks so warm and inviting.

    1. Hi Karen, nice to have you back.
      Thank you for your compliment on our family room. It started with the new hardwood floors last October and today we are getting a new light for above the fireplace. Now it will be complete!
      Have a great weekend!

  6. those clouds are incredible! (I love clouds too), they almost look like November clouds!

    1. Yes Caren they do! Every afternoon from Monday thru Wednesday a storm brewed up and we would get 20 minutes or so of hard rain. It made for some interesting skies and we very much needed the rain.
      Enjoy your weekend!


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