Rock this Town Part 2.

At this point we were getting quite far along the trail.
The grasshoppers were hopping every which way.
It was also starting to get warmer so more bugs were flying around.
When the walkways were made the boulders were just pushed over to the side.
Hmmmmm, some of those would look lovely in our garden! ;)
We were now walking on a trail made from the old train line. The tracks were torn up and the walking trail put in. I know, Chuck is a fashion statement!
I'm not quite sure what these bugs are. Water spiders???
This is one of the old train track bridges over the creek. Can you imagine travelling on the train through all this beauty? My Mum and I would take the train occasionally to Toronto from St Catharines. I loved it! You see such different things then you do in a car.
More interesting Fungi.
We were on our way back now.
More asters.
Big, beautiful Oak tree.
I was trying to get the Black Eyed Susan's in the background without stepping in some poison ivy.
Back in swampy area now.
There was a huge grove of ferns.

I just happened to spot this. An Oil Pie Line running right through the conservation are.
Judging by the map we think we walked around 5 kilometres.
I have no idea what this is. Just pretty.
This I know is Jewelweed. It was a little windy so the plant kept moving.
Last bridge before the parking lot.
Tired, happy (and blurry) feet. My Mum gave me these sandals. They are terrific for walking long distances.
I hope you enjoyed all the photos. I enjoyed taking them very much.
We quickly went to a yard sale at the Brighton Curling Club this morning. I love these giant pine cones but I didn't want to pay the craft store price. Hard to tell but they are about 6 inches high. I like to use them for Fall and Christmas decorating. Fifty cents for the 6 of them is my price!
Everyone knows how much I love birds. I couldn't pass up these two mugs for a dollar.
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Take care.


  1. What a lovely spot for a walk, Robin. Be thankful for comfy sandals. LOL.

    I wish I could still smell, I imagine the woods had that touch of early fall.

    I used to collect pine cones of all sizes from just walking in our neighbourhood. Had so many of them, finally donated them all one year, quite some time ago. Someone who can craft got lucky at Value Village. :-)

    Pretty mugs! You're an awesome bargain shopper.

    Oh, I have a question for Chuck re: the living room fan, will send an email. Thanks.

    1. I keep forgetting you can't smell. There was quite a variety of smells. Chuck sense of smell is very strong so by the time the walk was over he was rather stuffed up.
      I put the pine cones on the fireplace mantel along with two dark orange candles I picked up for half price at a decorating store downtown.
      Talk soon.

  2. What a great walk you had. Great pictures from part 1 and 2. I'd love to walk along there. That was a HUGE rock. Too big for our rock crusher that's for sure!! : )

    1. Funny Karen! Imagine trying to feed that into your crusher.
      Take care.

  3. Another most enjoyable walk. Those boulders are quite impressive. Nice that you managed to squeeze in a trip to the thrift store.

    1. It was very enjoyable. Always time for a yard sale or thrift store!

  4. what a wonderful walk with nature, love it, you can see autumn is on the way with all the leaf fall...but not just yet, there is more of summer yet :)

    1. You definitely feel Fall in the air but we are supposed to have a very warm week.


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