Monday, August 10, 2015

Suppertime Feeding Frenzy

I was making supper last night and looked out the kitchen window. Wow. so many birds! Make sure you are sitting down. Many, many photos!
 I heard numerous Bluejay calls so I knew there were a few out there.
 I have never had this many Bluejays at one time.
 I changed around the feeders and put another sunflower feeder out so maybe that is attracting more Bluejays.
 Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal stayed for a few minutes.
 I love the orange of her beak.
 We have been having more mourning doves lately. I think there must have been a nest nearby.
 It didn't take the squirrels long to figure out this feeder!
 Such pretty birds.
 Chippy moves so fast. He was drinking from the birdbath but this is all I could get.
 The grackle was flinging water everywhere. I had just changed the water before supper so it was still cool.

 Mourning Dove on the garage roof.
 Bluejay checking me out. The chickadee was watching all the action from up in the maple tree. Ten minutes later everyone was gone. I took 70 photos and narrowed it down to these 17. Lots of deleting!
I hope you enjoyed the photos. I loved taking them!


  1. SOoooo many birds! love the bluejays. we don't get them here in the UK or the cardinals, such beauties. the chippys are wonderful too, don't get them either lol the birdbath made me laugh.. don't they just love it! great photo's. thanks for sharing.

    1. The gentleman who installed our new doors had just recently moved here from the U.K. We were talking about birds and he remarked about the different birds we have here in Canada versus the ones you have in the U.K. Funny world!
      Thanks for your kind words, Summer.

  2. What a lovely gathering of birds. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It never fails to amaze me that one can see a whole bunch of birds, watch them for maybe ten minutes then just like that they're gone. Makes me wonder how much I miss by not sitting on the porch more, or looking out the window. Those times I think that it's a' no bird'day are just days I probably wasn't watching at the right time. I love the colourful birds you have. Also love the pics of the Grackle having a very active bath.

    1. Thanks, G.M! I often wonder how much I am missing too. The Bluejays are so vocal I sure know when they are at the feeders. It was such a busy time at the feeders I did not know where to point the camera. Have a good day!

  4. I loved seeing all your pics! And the squirrels acrobatics made me smile.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up on my first day back to work. :-)

  5. Lots of photos yes, but every one was a joy to see. : )
    The grackle sure enjoyed his bath!!

    1. Thanks Karen! I guess everyone enjoys a cool bath. Take care.

  6. your photos are incredible! I love the ones with the bird in the bird bath!

    1. Thank you Caren! I love the grackle ones too. Have a good day.


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