Good Day Sunshine.

 Warm and sunny today. Chuck and I headed out at 6:00 a.m. for our  5 km walk. We didn't meet anyone else and it was very quiet.
 The male Cardinal was visiting the feeder to feed the juvenile Cardinal this morning. The baby was hiding up in the tree so I could not get a photo. I noticed the male is molting too just like the female.
 Believe it or not, this is Bald Bluejay. I know you are probably thinking how would I know this is him when there are so many Bluejays around. Bald Bluejay has a very distinctive call, more of a squeak really. I always know when he is visiting the feeders because he squawks quite a bit before he lands. His feathers grew back very nicely and he turned out quite handsome.

Not much work was done today on the bathroom as the tiler had to come in and grout the shower so no one else could work in there at the same time. This afternoon one of the reno guys came and patched the drywall. Sometime tomorrow they will be back to continue, hopefully!

Have a great evening.


  1. Mr Bluejay looks great now!

    5km is a good walk. It's that distance for me to work and takes just shy of 55 minutes for me to walk comfortably with my short legs. :-)

    Bus time is a bit shorter heading to work, but is long if I take public transit all the way home, 55 to 90 minutes. That's why I prefer a combo of walking and busing.

    Your reno really is coming along, even though it might seem slow to you. Fingers crossed everything goes well tomorrow!

    1. I would walk too if it took me that long to get home! Another day spent waiting around. All we are told is someone will show up sometime. And this company was highly recommended to us!
      Hope your day is going better Kim.
      Take care.

  2. Nice to see the Blue Jay looking fine again. : )
    I guess it is pretty dark when you walk now. I hate getting up in the dark and I've been leaving a little bit later in the morning now at about 6:45.

    1. The Bluejay looks very fine, doesn't't he?
      It is rather dark when we walk but by the time we are heading home the sun is rising so we get to see that every morning.

  3. Blue Jays are so pretty. We have a few around here in the winter time mostly. I just caught up reading your posts. How could I have missed four! Lately I can't keep up with anything.

    1. I think the Bluejay are pretty too. We have a large number visiting on a daily basis.
      You are so busy Henny with all your creatures. It is no wonder you have a hard time keeping up.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Caren. The shower will look even better when it is finally finished!


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