Home Grown Tomatoes

Dealing with insurance companies is certainly NO FUN! The house insurance reps have already been here twice along with the restoration company but no one from the auto insurance has even phoned us yet. We have called them twice and told each time someone will be in contact with you shortly. Very frustrating.
 Well, you know what we went out and purchased this morning. Canadian Tire had a very good sale on Fire Extinguishers this week. The small one is for the kitchen and the larger one will go in the garage. We also purchased another large one for our neighbour to replace the one he used to put the fire out in the garage.
 Janice came over last night for a visit and brought another bag of tomatoes. She happily took home a bag of potatoes as Chuck and I will never eat that huge box of potatoes Ernie gave us before they go bad.
 I am a terrible shoe fiend. I LOVE shoes, well, boots too, oh and sandals too. Anyway, Mark's Work Wearhouse are clearing out all their summer stock. I purchased a pair of these sandals in May for the full price. I love them, very comfortable and I can walk far in them. I was perusing their website and I noticed the sale. I roared there after lunch and snagged the last pairs in this style in size 8. The price was $19.99 for the TWO of them, basically $10.00 a pair! For leather sandals! I have sandals for years now.

We are having another hot, humid week this week. I certainly hope this is it. We are having a new master bath put in starting next Tuesday so I really hope the weather cools down by then.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

See you!


  1. Wow, GREAT score on those sandals! I have such hard-to-fit feet that I rarely find anything at a good price, and even then, they usually bother my feet in some way after I've worn them for a few kilometers.

    I keep thinking I need to get fire extinguishers; mine are so old now that they'd be useless. Of course I wouldn't even think of them in an emerg I'd be so focused on saving the cats and getting out of the house.

    The tomatoes look yummy, seems like a fair trade. :-)

    Hope you hear back from the car insurance folks SOON.

    1. Hi Kim, I just have to be careful when buying shoes (boots,sandals etc..) that they are not too narrow. As I have said before my Mum and I take the exact same size so I have inherited some great shoes over the years. My Mum has always loved funky footwear!
      We have one very old extinguisher that would have been useless I'm sure. Chuck, as you know, is Mr. Safety. We had a few small fires ( grease in the kitchen) at my parents over the years and he was always very cool headed and put them out. I knew he would handle this one somehow but I was so worried he would get burned in the process.
      The tomatoes are delicious. We have eaten a couple already.
      Chuck is phoning the insurance company as I type this. This is ridiculous!
      Have a good evening and snuggle those boys of yours for me.

  2. great idea with the fire ext, I think all houses should have them along with smoke detectors, I've got a fire blanket in the Kitchen ready for any fire that may start after my microwave burst into flames last year, didn't have anything to hand then, so that was a lesson learnt. hope you sort your insurance soon.

    1. Hi Summer, smoke detectors along with carbon monoxide detectors are mandatory here in Ontario (possibly Canada). Hope your microwave fire wasn't too bad. Smart to keep the fire blanket handy.

  3. Hot and humid here in Detroit too til early next week. I hate it!
    Yum tomatoes and potatoes!!!!!
    Hoping all gets settled soon for you with the insurance company. Not fun to be kept waiting

    1. Hi Caren we are still waiting for the car insurance rep to come and view the car. So slow!

  4. Hopefully you will never have to use the new fire extinguishers!!
    Nothing like home grown tomatoes.
    I'm not a shoes person but I LOVE totes and pocketbooks! : )

    1. I am partial to purses too.
      I hope you enjoy your eggplant Parmesan!

  5. What an awesome deal you got on your sandals. I'm ashamed to admit we don't own a fire extinguisher. I used to have one years ago when I had an in-home day care but it eventually got old and disposed of and not replaced. I need to find out just what a fire blanket is.

    1. Hi G.M., I am very happy with the deal on the sandals.
      A fire blanket is usually very heavy wool treated with a fire retardant. You smother the fire with it. Chuck had them at work.


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