Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

 In the compost bin, that's where! My summer flowers were looking a little tatty so I though I should replace some of them. In this first pot I planted Rudbeckia in the back and Petchoa in the front. I haven't planted Petchoa before so I know nothing about it. Everything was on sale at one of our local grocery stores for $2.99 each.
 I cleaned up my geraniums and decided to keep them. They have been hanging on a hook on the back deck since early May. They still are flowering nicely.
 I purchased these Mums a few weeks ago. They were just buds then so are just coming out now.
 In this pot I planted Mums in the back and Pansies in the front. I love purple and yellow flowers together.
 A quick trip to Belleville yesterday morning for the new light fixtures for the bathroom. The Soy fields are turning yellow and brown now.
 The clouds were beautiful. It looked like the sky would open up any minute but it didn't start raining until much later.
 More clouds, more Soy.

 The sun rays were poking through the clouds in this photo.
 Pardon the Home Depot parking lot but we noticed the clouds were twisting around.
Not a drop of rain fell while we were there. The castle in the background is part of the Reid's Dairy complex where the pond is with all the ducks and goats.

Cooler and sunnier today. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

Take care.


  1. With clouds like that, it was lucky you guys didn't get caught! We had rain and thunder/lightning in the evening, it was a bit wild for a short time.

    Your flowers look good! The only pot of mums that looks halfway decent is the one you gave me (thank you!). The smaller ones I bought look like they're about ready for compost too.

    Enjoy the fall day -- it's sure gone right from summer to autumn!

    1. We did get some thunder and lightening in the evening too.
      Thanks for the compliment on the flowers. I so dread wintertime when there isn't any flowers so I try to extend the flower season as long as I can. These pots I can pop in the garage overnight if we expect a frost. Glad your pot of mums is still hanging on.
      I made a batch of bread this morning and Chuck spent the morning painting the guest room ceiling. I plan on spending some time outside in a little bit. Take care Kim.

  2. Flowers and clouds....two of my favourite things. It's very blustery here today. Made sure to avoid treed areas on my walk.

    1. Me too G.M.! It stayed cool for most of the day today but sunny. Good clothes drying weather. I had three loads on the clothesline.
      Yes,stay away from trees!

  3. I just love Fall flowers....Mums have always been one of my faves

    1. I do too Caren. I have to restrain myself or the whole house would be covered with them!


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