You Eat Them Pears.

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday was cool and rainy, today it is sunny and warm. Many birds at the feeders this afternoon. This Bluejay and female Cardinal danced around each other eating the sunflower seeds. The Bluejay bounced around so quickly I couldn't get a photo without him being blurry.
The female Cardinal kept flying up into the maple tree and then coming down again. I looked up and saw her feeding a juvenile Cardinal. If you look closely you can see the young ones mouth open.
I put out a niger seed feeder after lunch and it wasn't long before birds were checking it out. This nuthatch visited for a few minutes but was chased off by a chickadee.
Tiled and grouted.
The tiling progressed greatly today as an older man came right at 8:00 a.m. and worked steadily until 3:30 p.m. Well, he did take a quick lunch break. We  were very happy at how much he accomplished today.
Tiled and will be grouted tomorrow.
We are very happy too with how it all looks. I think they are starting the drywall repairs tomorrow too.
We had to got out quickly after the tiler left to mail a letter. When we arrived home we noticed a basket of pears on the porch. I had just said to Chuck a couple of days ago that we haven't had any pears this year yet. But who was the pear fairy? We pondered and pondered. Ernie? He does have a small farm.
Janice? She has a friend with a large farm who gives her any surplus they have which she then shares with us. An hour after we got home the phone rang and it was my friend Rosemary. Ahah! She has a pear tree in her backyard that was very prolific this year and she wanted to share her bounty. How kind.

 We finally heard back from the car insurance company and they have deemed our poor Maverick a total loss. Very sad but we are glad it is resolved. Hopefully they will send someone this week to tow it away. It is hard to look at it all scorched.

Dentist this morning for me and two filings replaced. What fun! Gum surgery shortly. Even more fun!

Take care .


  1. Woohoo, terrific progress on the bathroom! It'll all be done soon, Robin. :-)

    I can just imagine the birds gathering around and looking at their little bird watches, wondering where the heck the buffet is if you're even a few minutes late.

    As for your pears, what will you do with them? Pear platz? Pear chutney? Pears are one of the few fruits I'm not overly fond of as is, I like them better cooked somehow. I know you guys don't drink, but it's worth a stop in to the LCBO from time to time for their seasonal magazines...all kinds of fabulous-looking recipes! (Oh, to be a food-taster!) They've featured lots of yummy-looking pear dishes over the years. :-)

    BTW, good news re: the car, I hope it's towed sooner than later this week.

    Take care, have a good evening. Hope you're able to eat normally now!

    1. Hi Kim, I am not sure what I will do with the pears. Rosemary mentioned she made pear sauce in her slow cooker so I may try that. I do see the LCBO magazines from time to time. I have to do my grocery shopping today so I will swing by there and see if I can get one. I do remember the photos were always very impressive.
      My mouth is just a little sore this morning so that's good.
      We are just heading out the door for our walk. Looks like another nice day.
      Take care.

  2. Those are very good looking pears.I have a number of Bosc pears that I need to use but I haven't decided what to do with them yet.
    We have a Nuthatch that visits the birdbath quite often lately. I hope it stays around.

    1. Good morning G.M. We have been so blessed this year with friends giving us so much fresh fruit and veggies. I don't quite know what I am going to do with the pears.
      I imagine you have different birds that hang around in the winter then we do. How wonderful it would be not to have 3 feet of snow on the ground and flowers blooming in March! Someday soon we hope!


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