Friday, October 9, 2015


  Kim from"Musings On A Small Life"came to Trenton for the day yesterday. The weather was perfect after most of the week being rather cloudy and rainy. We only had seven hours together but we packed in lots.
First stop, the goats! Kim will be posting much better photos then I have. The goats were very friendly as usual and the brown one took a liking to her jacket sneaking a nibble.
By the time we finished visiting the animals at Reid's Dairy it was lunchtime. We came home and ate lunch and then Kim and I went out for a girl's afternoon.I took Kim to one of my favourite farm stands, Campbell's Orchards. It was very busy with people buying lots of yummy food for Thanksgiving coming up this weekend. The Fall displays were beautiful.
So many kinds of pumpkins and squashes. In the background you can see the horse made out of corn stalks.
They have a few animals and ducks too. This pig was enjoying his cauliflower very much. Another one was munching on a brussels sprout stalk.
The ducks were enjoying some apples. Again, Kim will have much better photos on her blog.
We came home after a couple of hours and sat and chatted until it was time to take Kim to the train station. A very enjoyable day. Kim is so easy going and fun to be with. We are looking forward to seeing her again soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. The weather here is supposed to be great so we will try to spend most of it outside.

Take care.


  1. Hey, it was "only" 6 hours! LOL. But it felt like 7, maybe. I'm teasing!

    You have great pics, I had to delete most of mine, and I didn't get good pig pics. Never even though to snap the corn stalk horse--duh.

    You both are wonderful hosts and you know I so appreciated all the driving back and forth.

    Folks, if anyone is reading the comments, what Robin hasn't mentioned is that because I don't have a car, they came to the train station in Belleville to pick me up, drove back to their home with a very kind stop for coffee on the way, then had to drive me back later in the afternoon and then go back home themselves...all through nothing but construction and detours. So they went out their way for me; they're truly wonderful people!

    1. See comment below. I always make this boo-boo!

  2. The time just whizzed by, Kim. The day was over too soon.
    It was no problem at all driving to and fro. You had to plan your day, and arrange for the cats to be looked after. You are our friend, like it or not, so this is what we do! ;)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. you don't think these photos are good? I think they are incredible!!!! You both look amazing and what a gorgeous sunshiny day you had! I love how your friendship has blossomed!

    1. Thanks Caren for all your kind words. Kim and I had a great day and she is a fabulous lady. We are so happy to have become friends with her. Take care.

  4. You take great photos!! Don't be so hard on yourself. : )
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day. So nice when we get meet blogger friends in person.
    I got to meet one myself this evening. : )

    1. Thanks Karen, your are fabulous!
      We did have a wonderful day. So glad you were able to meet a blogger friend too. Isn't this world great?

  5. What a nice visit you had and the weather was great for being outdoors. That corn stalk horse certainly is unusual. And unusual is what those extremely warty pumpkins are. I see them lots of places now but prefer the ordinary ones myself.

    1. We really lucked out with such wonderful weather. Imagine the work it took to make the cornstalk horse!
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, G.M.

  6. That looks like such a fun day! I love that farm stand, my favorite kind of place to visit. It would be neat to meet a blogging friends.

    1. We did enjoy ourselves very much, Henny.
      I could spend all day visiting Farmstands. I love them too.
      I feel so privileged to be able to meet a blogger friend. We are spread out all over the world and Kim and I only live an hour apart. We are very lucky.


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