Road Trippin' Part Two.

 Continuing on from yesterday's post, after lunch we headed back out again. Our destination was Happy Rolph's Bird Sanctuary and Petting Zoo. Back since our dating days Chuck and I have visited this great place. Up until a few years ago you could actually pet the various animals but one summer night a few years back some very sick people came into the park and killed numerous animals and stole a few others. Now there is 24 hour security there and no access to the animals. The park closes today for the season and the animals will go back to their various farms, but at least you can see all kinds of animals and birds.  
Chickens were all over the place. They were the only thing that could roam all over the park.
Pardon the goat but this was the only clear photo I took of the goats.
This alpaca was hanging out with a miniature pony .
Very sweet!
It was a rather cool day so these two bunnies were snuggled up.
As you walk away from the petting zoo you  can take the paths down to the ponds. There were many ducks swimming around. As soon as we came up they raced over to us but we had nothing to give them. The food dispensing machines were put away for the season.
A few different varieties of ducks.
Love their orange feet!
Very pretty!
Snooze time.
Why are you bothering us?
The Park is on Lake Ontario with a walking path along the shoreline.
The water was very choppy as it was rather windy.
A bit of blue sky.
This baby alpaca was born two weeks ago at the Park.
This baby donkey was born there in the Spring.
His Mom isn't much bigger!
I wanted to go for a walk around our old neighbourhood so we parked the car at a plaza a few blocks from my parent's old house. This was the view of Lake Ontario I had for the first 20 years of my life. The Lake was at the end of my parent's street so we spent alot of time there growing up. The tall structure across the Lake is the C.N Tower in Toronto. The other buildings have sprung up over the years. After walking for an hour or so we were pooped so we decided to head back to the hotel for supper. We do not watch T.V. at home so it was interesting to watch T.V. for a couple of hours each night and catch up on things.
Thursday morning the weather finally started to clear up. This was the view from our living room at the hotel. We checked out around 9:00 a.m. as we had a few more stops to make before heading home. We stopped at a great Antique Market and a fabulous Bakery that has been around for 60 years. Around 10:30 we pulled out onto the highway.
Quiet trip home except for a truck tire blowing up almost right beside us. Cute penguins on a trailer.
Almost home!
The Lake down the road from us. It was full of ducks and Canada Geese.

We had a wonderful time and we will be going back in the spring.

I hope you enjoyed the photo's. I ended up taking something like 158 but whittled it down to 130.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a lovely trip you had visiting your home town. Enjoyed seeing all the photos. : )
    What a shame about the animals at the petting zoo.
    A beautiful church to be married in and yes very special having a relative marry you.

    1. Hi Karen, glad you enjoyed the photos. We did have a wonderful time.

  2. Love the baby Alpaca, so cute! How horrendous that animals have been hurt and killed by mindless people, italics such a lovely place xx

    1. Hi Cheryl, the baby alpaca is adorable.
      I don't understand what enjoyment someone would get out of killing animals. Sick, sick people.

  3. Um, I wonder what the deal was with those penguins!

    Gees, I don't recall hearing about the animals being killed at the petting zoo. I don't even have words. Well, except that quite frankly, there are GOOD people on this planet who need organs and IMO, anyone who is evil enough to do what they did can bloody well give up theirs.

    The birds and animals are wonderful, of course! I want a pony AND a donkey! :-)

    BTW, I had NO idea you could see the CN Tower, that it was that close! Very cool!

    Well, even though I don't really want to live in a tiny home, I guess I'll have to have one designed when I sell this place or retire, whichever comes first, and park it on someone's land--and be surrounded by animals.

    Anyway, I'm glad you both had a good trip. Nothing from the antique market????

    1. Hi Kim, the Penguins are the mascot of a certain building company that builds plazas and malls. We had one for awhile at our Walmart plaza.
      I imagine if you google "animals killed at Happy Rolphs" you would find a news article about it. I don't understand people.
      I was surprised we could see Toronto so clearly with it being cloudy.
      A small home on a large lot would be lovely. Provided you have a riding mower or a garden service!
      We were tempted by a beautiful lamp at the antique market but decided not to buy it.
      Take care and talk soon.

  4. The baby Alpaca and the little Donkey are so cute. You take the most interesting trips! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi G.M. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I am very fortunate to have a sidekick that likes to go on adventures! Take care.

  5. what a great place to visit! such sweet babies, love Alpaca's :)

    1. It is a great place for young and old alike. Thanks for stopping by Summer.

  6. These pictures are just beautiful! I love the baby donkey and the alpaca. I can't understand how anyone could kill innocent harmless animals. How cruel! It must have been fun living so close to such a beautiful lake.

    1. Thanks Henny!. I have been blessed to live by water my whole life.


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