Squirrel Song

 I found this wacky song on You Tube this afternoon. It describes squirrels so well.
 Anyway the two remaining baby squirrels got into a kerfuffle under the feeders yesterday afternoon. Pardon the blurriness on some (well most) of the photos. They were moving so quickly.

 Ninja Squirrels!
 Pinned down.

 They were just a rolling ball of fur.
 They spotted me.
 They both ran up the tree and tried to cram together on the feeder hook.
 After a minute or so they ran back down and went at it again.
 They quickly pooped out and ran off.
The maple tree outside the kitchen window is lovely now.

I must end the post here. Chuck put the second coat on the ceiling and the smell is driving me crazy.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I think your pictures are terrific! What a squirrel tussle! They could teach the boys a few techniques. The photo of them cramming together after they spied you was hilarious. Sometime I'll have to tell you the funniest squirrel chase I ever witnessed. :-)

    Your tree is gorgeous... Post a pic of all the leaf bags after you've raked. Ha.

    1. The squirrels are crazy around here. I would love to hear your squirrel story.
      We have raked up once around the yard already. Kim (Toby and Oreo's Dad) took them to the leaf drop off for us. I posted a photo last Fall on Facebook of all the leaf bags. I think we raked 35 bags last year.
      Take care Kim and talk soon.

  2. Oh, I meant to add that just because you can post on YouTube doesn't mean you should!!!! ;-)

  3. I just love those black squirrels! I went to college at Kent State and they were everywhere!

    1. Hi Caren. We are overrun with black squirrels here. They are cute but they do try to take over all the bird feeders.

  4. Silly squirrels so full of energy. They sure seem to be everywhere these days.

    1. Hi G.M. Hope you are having a good weekend.
      The squirrels are everywhere. We just came back from our morning walk and one was sitting on our roof staring down at us.

  5. Those are the cutest pictures! I love little squirrels anyway.


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