Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Painter.

A neighbours tree a few days ago.
 Just a quick post today as Chuck is painting the ceiling in my computer room. Oh my goodness, ceiling paint smells! Anyway, I am not that great with computers so I am only accustomed to writing my posts on my desktop computer not my Ipad.  I have two post waiting to be written which I will do when the painting is done. Take care and have a great day!
A few mornings ago. Frost on the roofs.

One of the two baby squirrels.

Sunset a few nights ago.


  1. The baby squirrel is so cute. Hopefully the ceiling will be dry by now and you can reclaim your space xx

    1. Hi Cheryl, I agree, the baby squirrels are very cute.
      The ceiling is getting the last coat of paint this morning. But then it's the walls!

  2. Lovely pictures, Robin. Especially the first and last, my favourites.

    Good luck to Chuck with the painting. Ceilings are a challenge... At least I MO!

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks, I like the last photo too. I was cleaning up after supper and looked out the living room window and saw the sunset, ran and got my camera and went outside and took it. The neighbours by now are use to me wandering around outside with my camera. Our neighbour asked me a couple of days ago about my photos. I guess they see me in the backyard taking critter photos.
      The ceiling painting went well. One screw pop came through so it won't be finished until this morning as Chuck had to repair it and wait for the sparkle to dry.
      Take care and talk soon.

  3. I agree. Paint stinks. Hopefully the weather is such that you can open the windows.

    1. Hi G.M. It is very smelly. It was fairly warm yesterday so we could have windows open. Chuck wants to get the walls done too before the cold weather really sets in.


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