Walking On Sunshine.

 What an incredible day it was yesterday! Sunny and cool, just how I like it. We have a wonderful big park right on the Bay called Centennial Park that has extensive walking trails. As I was getting groceries yesterday morning I thought it would be a perfect day for a walk in the park.
 The leaves are really starting to change this week. I think the colours look so vivid against the blue sky.
 Across the Bay is Prince Edward County where Chuck and I were last week and where Kim spent some time this week with her family.
 We saw many ducks sunning themselves but I couldn't get very close to them.
 This is our amphitheatre. So many things go on here all summer including free concerts every Sunday night.
 The water was fairly calm, just a little ripple.
 This photo shows part of the very old marina. Boats would come through here and tie up farther down.
 Here is one of the old tie-ups.
 The water is very stagnant now as no boats are coming through to stir it up.
 More ducks!
 I was surprised to still see bees out and about.
A doggie print made a few days ago when we had rain.
 Chuck wanted me to put this photo in. I didn't realize my hair was so red!
 Some old contraption, something to do with the old marina.
 Chuck and his dream car. A friend of ours is a car salesman at our local Ford dealership close to the park so we walked over to see if he was at work. He was and we stopped to chat for a few minutes. He didn't know our old Maverick had caught fire and was gone, so we updated him. He went and got the keys for these two Mustangs and let us try them out. I guess he thought we should have a replacement for the Maverick.
Very nice cars but they were both automatic transmission and we prefer manual.
We made our way back to the park and came home as it was lunchtime.
Great day to hang out wash.  I noticed our maple tree is really starting to change.
I looked up as I was hanging out the sheets and saw this. So pretty.
Toby and Oreo's parents Kim and Mary came home from their vacation in Quebec city.  Mary brought over some delicious cheese from Quebec as a thank you. How kind. We had such a good time taking care of the cats no thank you present was necessary. The card was signed from Toby and Oreo!

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. You could not ask for a more perfect holiday weekend weather wise. Chuck and I will have our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. We are vegetarians so no turkey but we have all the rest of the traditional food. I might even make a pumpkin pie today. Have a wonderful weekend.

Take care


  1. You look good behind the wheel of that convertible, Robin! :-)

    What a glorious day it was. You got lots of great pics, my favourite actually being the leaves of your maple tree. Wonderful!

    It was sweet of your neighbours to bring you a thank-you. I bet Oreo and Toby are glad to have their humans back in spite of all the love and treats you gave them.

    Have a wonderful Sunday! I might just stay put today, haven't been feeling well...head cold, I think. But I still want to get to the cemetery by tomorrow, unless I'm really out of it.

    Take care!

    1. Oh Kim, I am so sorry you are not feeling great. Stay warm today.
      Thanks for your kind words. I love the leaf photo too.
      Mary said to say thank you to you for the treats and toys for the kitties.
      Now, take care of your self Kim. Talk soon.

  2. What wonderful photos of a glorious and sunny day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. All those cheeses to try....Yum. I didn't know you were vegetarians. I am 90% vegetarian, maybe more because by now I only eat a bit of turkey twice a year. Even as a child ( living on a farm with meat-loving brothers) I did not like meat.
    Nice cars. Are you actively looking for a replacement for the Maverick?

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Hi G.M. hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving too.
    We are NOT actively searching for a replacement for the Maverick. We are finding it very freeing being down to one car. This time last year we had three. We have so much room in the garage now.
    Take care.

  5. your photos are lovely, I LOVED the one with the leaves! That was so sweet that the kitties got you a thank you gift! I love when "kitties" are thoughtful like that!

    1. Thanks Caren. The kitties were very thoughtful!

  6. Beautiful place for walking. The park where I used to walk before we moved here was called Centennial Park also.
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Beautiful weather here yesterday too.

    1. It is a beautiful place for walking. We are very fortunate to have it in our little town.
      We had a lovely Thanksgiving Karen. Thanks for asking.
      Glad you are enjoying some lovely weather too.


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