The Lovecats.

 Dreary day today with rain expected this afternoon, well all the rest of the week actually. I saw the cuties next door were out for their morning sniff so I popped outside with my camera to visit with them.
Toby (above) is yelling "Get over here and snuggle me!" I could hear him meowing across the yard.
 Oreo was shy at first for some reason but I was able to take a clearer photo of her instead of the usual blurry ones. Right after she came running over.
 They were constantly cuddling with me so it was very hard to get any photos. I do love these two!
 I often worry that this will be Oreo's last winter. She is 15 years old now and I noticed she limps a bit on one of her front paws. As you can see she is a healthy eater! I stayed outside with them for 10 minutes or so and then came back in to do some baking.
 Chocolate cookies were baked first.
 Then some Apple- Walnut cookies. I am planning on baking some rolls this afternoon and finishing up cutting down some dead perennials in the gardens, hopefully before the rain.
 Frequent visitor this morning.
As was this squirrel. He is clinging on to one of the feeder poles.

As the weather continues to cool off I find I prefer being at home. We do most of our chores in the morning and then we can relax and do more enjoyable activities in the afternoons. I am finally reading some of the books I picked up at yard sales and thrift stores over the summer. Chuck is repairing some of the antique radios we have recently bought and chatting with some of the other retired men in the neighbourhood. We have quite a few retired guys in their fifties in this neighbourhood so Chuck does not at all feel out of place being at home. Most of their wives are still working outside the home except for Mary (Toby and Oreo's mom) next door who retired in September.

Well, it is lunchtime so I better end this.
Take care and have a nice day.


  1. Mmm, cookies. I just saw a recipe yesterday for cookies being made with chick peas to add extra fibre and protein. Looked like an interesting recipe, can't think where I saw it.

    Toby is a typical needy male, yes? Ha. Oreo the more reserved female. Stereotypes, of course. They're both sweeties.

    Good close ups of the blue jay and squirrel! I envy your yard, though not the work that goes along with it.

    Have a good afternoon, take care!

  2. Hi Kim, I am assuming the chick peas would be mashed in the cookie recipe. You can hide all sorts of healthy things in baked goods!
    Toby is very needy! Oreo loves to snuggle too but she is more reserved,
    I am off outside to finish up some yard work.
    Take care and talk soon.

  3. I have an Oreo too and she's 14...and oddly enough she's started to limp as well. Nutmeg is 16 and has an awful limp but still manages to get around albeit slowly.

    1. Hi Ronna, hope you are well. I just have noticed our Oreo's limp in the last month or so. Poor old girl. She is also rather crabby to her brother Toby but very loving with humans.
      Take care.

  4. I baked choc. chip cookies today too. It was a good day to bake and warm up the kitchen. First day of 0 degrees today which meant frosty car windows!

    1. Smart minds think alike! We had our first frost a couple weeks ago. Sigh...winter is so close!

  5. cute kitties but, um yeah...Oreo seems to be eating QUITE well....LOL!

    1. Hi Caren, yes they are very cute kitties! Oreo does love her food.


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