Three Little Birdies.

 Look what I found today! Someone put it out with their garbage. The middle bird's beak is a little chipped but I will fix it. It is about 18 inches wide and about 10 inches high, concrete and very heavy!
 The temperature today is lovely!
 I wanted to get the tulip bulbs planted so after running a few errands I got right at it.
 These are the bulbs I got yesterday at Lowe's for 1/2 price.
 While I was planting Chuck was up on the roof cleaning out the eaves troughs.
 I love the colours of this spirea bush.
 The gigantic mum I got awhile back is still looking very nice.
 During the wind storm last week a number of pieces of birch bark were loosened. I peeled some of it off the tree as it was looking rather ratty.
 Chippy was very bold today and let me get about 6 inches from him. He was busy filling his cheeks with birdseed.
I took this a few days ago. The clouds were so interesting.
I think this is our last sunny warm day. The next couple days are still to be warm but cloudy and rainy by Friday. It was lovely while it lasted!
Have a great evening!
I almost forgot. I saw Butterscotch about 1 block from our house so she still is around.


  1. The things people put out with the garbage, eh? I'm glad you spotted it. I've been known to bring 'treasures' of that kind home too ( much to my DH's chagrin).
    Will the Birch tree be adversely affected by losing so much bark?

  2. Oh G.M. we are so much alike! I couldn't walk by and leave it there.
    I think the Birch tree will be fine. We have had them at all our homes and they seem to always be losing some bark.

  3. One (wo)man's trash is another's treasure! Great find! How are you going to fix the one bird's beak?

    OMC, do you guys ever sit still? LOL. Chuck up on the roof--makes me feel woozy just to look at the pic! I swear he's part monkey. :-)

    Your yellow mum looks fantastic. The one you gave me is hanging on, but not like yours. It probably needs more light than it's getting out there now.

    Wasn't today just magnificent? I made sure to get out at lunch this time. No jacket required! Wish it could stay like but, but we ARE one day closer to spring, as I say so often.

    Take care, have a fabulous evening!

    P.S. FINALLY was able to talk to Mom just a short time ago, for almost half an hour. She's in and unpacked, though still has lots more to take care of. She likes the place, says it feels cosy, not like an apartment, more like a house, because of the layout. I don't want to fly, but I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself!

    1. Hi Kim. I think Chuck has some goop he can shape and fix the beak. If n to it will just stay as it is!
      Chuck's nickname is Chuckmunk (chipmunk) at work. Now you know why. He has always been like that. He was up high in the birch tree the other day getting a broken branch.
      I'm glad you were able to get outside and enjoy the day at lunchtime.
      I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of your mum's new home.
      Talk soon.

  4. We are having the same weather as you are!
    I spent a good part of the day outside working in my gardens. Yesterday was spent up at HT.
    Love the cement bird find. I can imagine how heavy it is!!

    1. How much longer will this nice weather last?
      Glad you were able to spend the day outside too.


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