Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dinner Bell.

 Another dreary day today but at least it is mild. The weatherman said on the radio this morning that he doesn't see any snow for the next two weeks Yahoo!
I was standing at the kitchen sink after lunch doing dishes when I looked up and saw a flock of robins in our neighbour's tree. It is just crazy! I haven't seen robins this late here ever.
 Then I looked around our yard and noticed so many birds at the feeders. Forget the dishes, where is the camera? I must remember to ask my neighbour what kind of tree is this. Many birds enjoy the berries from it.
 The redpolls are back. I love their colouring, something bright in the winter.
 You know me and mourning doves. So pretty!
 Normally this birdbath is straighter but I think we have a racoon that visits in the night and it tips the birdbaths to drink from them.
 Two male cardinals were enjoying the berries. Not to often you see two males together. A female was around too.
 A redpoll enjoying the berries.
 Work is just about done on the garage. The mud needs to dry one more day. It is much harder to get it to dry in the cooler weather but we have been running a heater to help it.
 This is the scene right now in the garage. Dan, the contractor extraordinaire, (did I spell that right???) is up in the garage attic blowing in the insulation while Chuck feeds the machine.
I am hiding in the house because 1. I am paranoid Chuck is going to get his hand caught in the machine (impossible because the choppy part is way at the bottom) 2. the noise is horrendous and 3. the insulation is flying around and not good to breath in.  So here I sit worrying and waiting. The bags behind Chuck are the blocks of insulation.

Chuck wanted me to thank you for all the birthday wishes. You are all so kind. He had an hour long chat with his brother who we haven't heard from in quite awhile and another hour long chat with his cousin Chaya in Connecticut. A good day all around!

Take care.


  1. At least Chuck is wearing a mask! I wouldn't want to be around the noise and mess either, frankly.

    Robins! I've not seen any, but as I've said, I'm not anywhere during daylight hours right now to see any. Just sitting in my office cube!

    That's not a mountain ash tree is it, with all the berries? Whatever it is, it's offering great food for all the birds. :-)

    Good luck with the insulation and the mud-drying! Almost done, right?!

    1. Hi Kim, it is very noisy and dirty. Well, at least it was until the machine died! Dan has gone back to Lowe's to get another one.
      We are seeing Robin's daily. It is so strange. It sounds like Spring sometimes when we walk.
      It's not a mountain ash, the berries are not in big clumps. They are elongated red berries.
      Take care and talk soon.

    2. Is it a Japanese barberry? I'm just Googling, because now I'm curious too!

    3. It might be Kim. I will google it too.

  2. I do that too... hide when I'm afraid my DH or one of my sons is doing something I consider risky and apt to result in loss of limbs or worse.

    You sure get a variety of birds visiting your yard. So far today I've only seen Chickadees and Bush Tits in my yard but on the lake there are a number of different species.

    1. I am a big chicken when it comes to Chuck doing risky things.
      We never had such a variety of birds until we moved into this house. We are surrounded by 50-100 year old trees so lots of protection for birds.

  3. I love the picture of the cardinals in the with the berries. Really NICE!!
    I kind of wish we would get some snow. Seems strange not having snow by now. : )

    1. Thanks Karen! It is strange to have no snow but I am sure we will get hit in January!

  4. I love your bird pictures! Hope you can find out the name of the tree with the red berries. It is very pretty.

    1. Thanks Henny. I will search online and see what I can find.

  5. What great photographs of the birds, very clear. So many different species, too.

    1. Thanks John! One of the reasons we bought this house was being able to have lots of bird feeders close to the house.


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