Sunset Red and Pale Moonlight..

Gorgeous sunset last night after a rather dreary cool day. The weather people were calling for a sunny day with 8 degrees (46ish) but it didn't happen. A good day to get some jobs done around the house.
Many mourning doves at the feeders on and off all day.
I didn't notice until I downloaded these photos that one of the mourning doves is missing a number of feathers off it's back. I am assuming it must have been attacked by something and managed to escape.
The goldfinches are definitely wearing their winter colours!
The chickadees were busy in the sunflower feeder.
This nuthatch paid a quick visit too.
All the drywalling, taping and mudding is now complete in the garage. Dan will be back on Monday to sand everything down. I was ahead of myself when I said it should be done by today. I forgot we are having insulation blown into the attic of the garage too. Now the completion date is Wednesday night. Finger's crossed! Chuck is rehanging the garage door openers in this photo.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I plan on doing some baking today and hopefully hanging out some wash.

Take care.


  1. I love the variety of birds you get at your feeders. I was looking through some OLD pics (digital) and came across a few when I did have a feeder outside, with birds visiting to chow down. That was way back in 2007 and 2008, though.

    Fingers crossed the garage IS finished Wednesday! Then I would say it's time to take a break from all the renos. LOL.

    Take care, enjoy the day. :-)

    1. You should post some of your bird photos Kim. I would love to see them.
      I am really tired of renovations. We are very fortunate to be able to do or have them done but we are burned out! We just want the house to ourselves and some quiet!
      You take care too Kim and talk soon.

  2. The garage is coming along just great! I know you be so glad to have it done. What will be the next project?

    1. We are done with renovation projects for the time being. After doing all the floors, new kitchen, two bathrooms, all the doors, garage doors, painted top to bottom and now the garage we are finished!

  3. Glad the mourning dove managed to escape his attacker. They seem to me to be nice, gentle birds. : )
    Looks like the garage will be done soon.

  4. Hi Karen, At our last house we had a hawk that occasionally would nab a mourning dove and eat it right in the yard! Awful!
    I will be VERY happy when the garage is finished.

  5. Great pictures! Do the Goldfinches stay for the winter? I wonder if the Mourning Dove escaped from a cat? Do you still have cats that are free to roam the neighbourhood? We do and they lurk around the feeders if I'm not careful to run them off.

    1. Hi G.M. yes the goldfinches do stay for the winter. I actually see them more often in the winter than in the summer. I do think the mourning dove escaped from a cat. We have a few stray cats in the neighbourhood. I only see them fleetingly as they are rather wild.


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