The Painter.

This is pretty much what Chuck has been doing for the last couple days. Painting window trim. This is our bedroom closet. Pardon the mess! We took down the 25 year old blind and I put up some curtains instead. Nothing here had been painted in 25 years since the house was built.
I am surprised that we are getting any birds or critters at the feeders. The racket from the garage is quite loud at times. But as you can see below all the drywall has been installed. Terribly blurry photo as I just quickly ran out and took it a minute ago. Today Dan the handyman is cleaning everything up and starting to tape and mud the walls.
Squeaky enjoying some dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. He passed right over the sunflower seeds.

Silly bird! He then tucked some of them in our neighbours Christmas arrangement. Speaking of Christmas I haven't put out a single Christmas decoration yet. I don't put much out but this is the latest ever. I must at least dig out the wreath today!
We have been very fortunate and not had much snow so far. It is supposed to be mild for the next two weeks. All the better for getting the work done in the garage.
One of the baby squirrels enjoying the pumpkin seeds. I counted 5 black squirrels at the feeder yesterday. I think a few more have moved into this part of the neighbourhood. I guess the word is out we spoil all critters here!

We have had a few days of dreary and rainy weather. Nothing compared to what some of you in the States have had though. I believe the sun is supposed to come out on the weekend.

Take care and have a great day.


  1. All your critters are fat and happy and very well fed. :-)

    OMC, I hate painting trim. Seriously. Even if Chuck is able to do my trim next year, unless you force...uh, cajole me, I won't paint it. LOL.

    As for mild temps, I am thrilled to keep them as long as possible. Every day we don't have snow is one day less of it, and one day closer to Spring!

    Oh, and *happy dance* for drywall!

    Have a great day, both of you!

    1. Hi Kim, yes all the critters are very fat!
      Chuck will do your trim. We will just have to come back and have a painting party afterwards!
      I love the mild weather too. We had a lovely walk this morning.
      Have a great day too!

  2. Love the squirrel and squeaky photos! I havexm been under the weather too.....and not decorated anything except the front windows with window clings....and that is it! Maybe tomorrow!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I finally did get some Christmas decorations up this afternoon.

  3. I don't mind painting walls but trim is so tedious.
    All the back yard critters looks well fed and happy.

    1. I agree with you Karen, trim is tedious.
      Have a great day!

  4. Would you believe I didn't know birds ate pumpkin seeds? Next year I must wash and dry them after I've finished with my Fall display.

    1. I tend to put anything and everything out for the birds. I remember years ago my Dad had some leftover spaghetti. He put it out for the birds. Within a few minutes the starlings were flying around with spaghetti hanging out of their beaks!


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