Thursday, December 17, 2015

Time With You.

We spent the day with my Mum today as we won't see her Christmas day. My brother and his wife ( who my Mum lives with) are visiting her family and my Mum is going with them. It was great to see her but it seems each time we visit we notice she is failing a bit more. She recovered quickly from her fall a couple of weeks ago but is really having a hard time getting around. My Mum smoked for 30 years (quitting at 50) and she can't walk more than ten steps without huffing and puffing. She uses a walker in the house and has chairs placed around her apartment to sit in when she has trouble breathing. In the last six months it seems her energy has just gone. Hopefully changing her meds will improve her quality of life. That and having her cataract surgery in January. She is really having a hard time seeing so I put up her Christmas decorations for her. This is a Nativity set my Mum made back in the early 1980's. Did anyone else "do" ceramics back then? I remember we went once a week and took classes.
Another dreary day but at least it wasn't raining or snowing. As we were driving home this large flock of Canada Geese flew over. It just seemed to go on and on.
The sun made a brief and I mean BRIEF appearance too.
The Big Apple always makes me smile!
My Mum was sorting out some Christmas things and thought I might like these. They were also made in the early eighties by Mum. I remember the green leaf dish always had chocolates in it. the middle Christmas tree dish had lovely raspberry candies and the white little platter always had fruit cake on it.
Not too much action at the feeders today. This is the latest I have left the birdbaths out. Not much bathing going on but lots of drinking!
This silly squirrel was playing on one of the feeder poles. He would scoot up the pole, grab a sunflower seed and slide down to eat it on the ground.
A closeup of one of the babies.
Work in the garage is done. Chuck finished painting all the new trim around the doors, windows and the attic hatch. It is great to have the garage back to normal and to be able to park the car in there again.

I hope everyone is having a good week.
Take care.


  1. That squirrel is practicing his furry firefighter moves, it looks like. :-)

    Glad you got to see your mum! Hey, at least she quit smoking. Mom won't give it up; she's been 60 years smoking heavily. Ugh. Fingers crossed the change of meds and taking care of the cataracts help your mum tremendously.

    All the decorative ceramic items are great -- nice keepsakes. No, I didn't do that, nor did my mom.

    We have a stupid re-gifting thing at work tomorrow, part of our holiday lunch -- I ought to have "shopped" at your house. I had to ask a coworker to bring something in for me, to make into a little joke item. For the life of me I couldn't come up with anything left in the house, I've decluttered so much. :-)

    Congrats on being finished with the garage! Yippee!

    Have a great evening.

    1. Hi Kim, we are all hoping my Mum will improve as time goes by.
      Oh my goodness, yes I could have given you something to take to work. You have a very uncluttered house now.
      Take care and see you soon!

  2. I love the nativity set that your mom made!
    I had a phase of making ceramics in the mid 70's. We were in Scotland and they had a place on base where we made all kinds of things. I don't have anything left from it.
    Hope your mom's health improves!

  3. My Mum made I think, three of the Nativity sets giving two away as gifts. Many hours of work went into each one. It is lovely.
    I have a few things left from my ceramic days.
    Thanks for your kind wishes concerning my Mum's health.

  4. Your Mum did a great job on the ceramic pieces... the Nativity as well as the little dishes. I've never tried my hand at any such a craft. I have no faith in my "craftiness".
    We actually had snow flurries for a good while today with the promise of more tomorrow and maybe even for the 25th. I sat for a long time and watched the snow fall. I'm not feeling great so didn't do much . Hoping it passes quickly! ( Whatever ails me, not necessarily the snow!).

    1. So sorry you are not feeling feel. Hope it does pass quickly.
      My Mum is very crafty. She knits, crochets, embroiders, sews, etc..... I sure didn't inherit her talent!
      No snow here and we are going to have a green Christmas. All the better for travelling.
      Take care.

  5. Hello from the Ottawa Valley. It is a little strange to see exactly the photos I could take..even to the birds and squirrels. And I enjoy them just like you. My birds enjoy sunflower seeds the most it seems, and the squirrels too! But not a flake of snow here either and now they say it will be a green Christmas. Sorry to hear about your Mom's ill health. I like the ceramic pieces; quite a keepsake. Take care now.

    1. Hi Jocelyn, Thanks for stopping by! I see you are a great nature lover too.
      Hopefully with the change in my Mum's meds she will be feeling better soon. Always worrying!
      Take care and I will be popping over to your blog too.

  6. I love seeing the photos of the visitors to your garden...especially squirrels...I love them...although my brother used to say they were just rats with tails...brat!!
    Sorry to hear about your Mom..I hope she feels a bit better
    Love your ceramics...the little dishes are very pretty

    Phoebe x

    1. My Dad loved everything in nature but also said that squirrels were "Rats with fluffy tails." I do enjoy them though.
      Thank you for your kind words about my Mum.
      I do love the ceramic dishes too.

  7. I had not thought about it but there were lots of people taking classes and making ceramics in the 80's. My daughter's friend made an Indian on a horse for me. Your Mom made some pretty things. You will enjoy those little dishes. Your animal pictures are always great.

    1. Hi Henny, everyone seemed to take ceramic classes in the 1980's in our town. Very popular! I do love having the pieces she made. You know how sentimental I am!
      Take care and have a great weekend.

  8. Wow, your mum is so talented, that nativity scene is beautiful, I've only seen things like that in shops xx

    1. My Mum is very talented. It sure didn't get passed down to me!
      Have a wonderful Christmas Cheryl!

  9. Oh my, my Mum did ceramics in the 70s and 80s. THat's a very nice nativity set! I still have her light-up ceramic tree (you know, the ones with a lightbulb inside and plastic "lights"?)

    I haven't been to the Big Apple in years. Love that place!

    Hope your Mum's health improves. My Mum smoked for 30 years too, and I was very proud of her for quitting. Sadly she developed lung cancer some 15 years after she quit, but she sure felt better after she stopped smoking.

    1. Hi Natalie. I still have a light up Christmas tree too. It is rather banged up from all our moves over the years, something you sure know about!
      We are all hopeful that Mum will feel better soon. She is on so many meds its hard to say what is causing her lack of energy. It's hard because she was a geriatric nurse for most of her career so she knows what is coming.
      Take care Natalie and thanks for stopping by.


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