Who'll Stop The Rain?

How many days in a row has it rained? 82? It sure seems like it! We live on the shores of the Bay of Quinte. From our upstairs windows, once the leaves fall off the trees, we can see over the Bay. Here are some storm clouds from the weekend hanging there.
Red, red sunrise the other day.
We did have some sun Saturday morning for a few hours. I quickly hung out wash and it did dry. I filled the feeders and everyone came running!
But it was cold! Silly mourning dove sitting in the frozen birdbath.
Nuthatch giving me the eye.
Can you imagine being this nimble? She hung there for quite awhile eating.
Chickadee and woodpecker in our pine tree. They both were pecking there for a minute or so.
I love the contrast between the black feathers and white feathers.
Derry crashed early this morning.
We spent a very enjoyable Sunday with Kim. We wanted to bring her boys this kitty condo for Christmas. She, as always, was a gracious host and we had a wonderful time. Well, we sure did! I hope Kim did too. Such a trooper hosting us when she was just recovering from a cold. Thanks again Kim! The photos are Kim's.

Nicki enjoying the condo.

So cute, I just wanted to share it with you.
My Mum's health still is not the best. When we visited her on Thursday she seemed to have a hard time catching her breath. She used her puffer and felt better. By Sunday she was having a hard time breathing so my brother took her to a Walk-In clinic. The first thing the doctor asked her was had she stopped any meds recently. Well, her family doctor had taken her off one of her pills. The clinic doctor didn't agree with that and is having her slowly lower the dosage over the next few weeks. I talked to her today and already she sounds much better.
Chuck and I did some early morning shopping today. The stores weren't too crowded yet. We don't plan on doing any more shopping until Sunday. I always go to Chapters (Canadian bookstore) and pick up a couple calendars for 1/2 price after Christmas. Kim gave us a beautiful one last month so I only need a couple!

I hope everyone is having a good week.
Take care.


  1. Gees, fingers crossed your mum's meds are sorted out! I'm glad she's able to breathe better today. Good thing your brother took her to the clinic and that the doctor disagreed with her family doctor!

    Yes, it feels like it's been raining for 82 days. :-( Well, better that than ice and snow, but oh, it's so dreary. I was yawning nonstop by noon today, not from boredom at work but I think from the dismal skies and low light. You managed to get lots of great pics on the weekend all the same. (Love that last cat photo, btw, whether it's yours or someone else's.) If we had any sun here on Saturday, I don't remember it.

    I won't venture to a store until the 26th or 27th now. Afternoon buses are SO late this week, with traffic tied up in the west end, getting in and out of the shopping centre. Ugh. Even if I go out on Boxing Day, it'll probably only be to Chapters too, which is easy for me to get to, and not far.

    It was lovely to see you both and the boys are having a great time with the new condo. I put some of their toys in there, found them scattered when I got home this afternoon. :-)

    Take care and have a good evening.

    1. I too hope things get better for my Mum. She's had a rough year health wise and it is very worrisome.
      The last cat photo is not mine, just one I saw online. How can he be dreary for so many days in a row? The sun on Saturday was just for a few hours but it was lovely.
      I dislike crowds so I wait until the 27th to get some bargains. Usually I am able to get everything we need.
      Glad the boys like the condo.
      Take care!

  2. We've had quite a lot of rain here too. Would be nice to have snow instead of rain for Christmas.
    A perfect picture of contentment!!

    1. It really has been a crazy December for everyone weather wise hasn't it?
      The cat does look very content.
      Take care.

  3. Oh I love new calendars!! I fill in all the birthdays and anniversaries before I even hang them up. No excuse whatsoever for forgetting anyone's special day!
    I hope your mom continues to improve. Guess taking her off one med abruptly wasn't the best for her.

    1. Me too G.M.! I always stand there and debate which one to buy. I usually get a bird one for my large calendar holder in the kitchen and some sort of nature one for my desk calendar. So many to choose from!
      We all hope Mum is feeling better soon.
      Take care.


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