Here Comes The Sun.

Beautiful sunrises the last two mornings. The photo above was Tuesday's sunrise. We got a little bit of snow later in the morning but nothing big.
 This morning's sunrise. It has been so wonderful to see the sun after so many grey days. Along with the sun it has been very cold but we are supposed to get above normal temperatures until Sunday when we plunge back into a deep freeze. We will enjoy it while it lasts!
The birds are loving the sun. I caught this junco snoozing in the pine tree. This tree is a very busy place. I take a photo and when I download it I will see a couple of other birds I didn't realize were there.
The male cardinal was back briefly. It has been quite awhile since I have seen him at the feeders.
The female shows up daily. I love the contrast of her orange beak and feather tips and her buff coloured feathers.
The closet is done! We are so happy with how it looks now. Much tidier. As we were putting clothes back I found more to donate so another trip to the thrift store. I even have a bare shelf on the upper right. Now to keep it that way. A couple of blogs that I read are joining the challenge to not buy anything this year but the absolute necessities. We definitely have enough clothing so we would be alright in that department. I am trying to cut down on buying books (only from thrift stores) but that is a toughie. So many good books out there!

Well, I must go. There are muffins and zucchini bread to make today.
Take care.


  1. Today was the first time I've seen the sunrise on the way to work in what seems like forever. It was stunning! I have a couple of pics of the sky to post too, a bit later.

    Love Mr. Cardinal! Mrs. Cardinal too, but the males are so eye-catching, aren't they? Such gorgeous red.

    Your closet looks fantastic! What a great job painting and decluttering. No way could I go a year without buying anything but the necessities, but I do have a one in, one out rule.

    Have a fabulous day!

    1. The sunrise was gorgeous today. It seemed to be here and gone in about ten minutes.
      Cardinals are very pretty, such vivid colours!
      I am trying the one in one out rule. I don't want to go back to a cluttered closet! Now I have to tackle the coat closets.
      Take care!

  2. such stunning sunrise photos! they are almost enough to wake me up on this cold dreary day here..

    Being new to the blog I scrolled down and read some of your entries. I had to giggle at the fact that just about all of your bird photos are nice and sharp and clear and all of your cooking ones are blurry, like you are in a hurry to get them taken before the food is eaten :)

    Good job with the closet.. I so need to get rid of some more of my clothes. I hate how I buy things and wear them for a few weeks and then never seem to wear them again. Some things I wear constantly others, quickly fall out of favor for one reason or another. Seems like such a waste. I wish I understood so I could stop buying those things I end up not wearing :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We are in the middle of a sunny week.
      I noticed you are in Maine. Growing up we spent time in New Hampshire every summer and would usually have a side trip to Maine. So beautiful there. We lived in Nova a scotia for a time and it reminded me a lot of Maine.
      I don't seem to have the patience to get clear food photos but I will take 20 bird photos to insure a few clear ones.
      It was hard to let go of some of my clothes. They were gifts or from my Mum (we take the same size) but I can't be so sentimental! Chuck doesn't really care what he wears as long as it is clean so no problem for him.
      Take care!

  3. Nice to have a nice big closet and now it is so neat and tidy.
    Love the cardinal picture.
    We've had a couple of sunny days too. : ) It's supposed to warm up here again and rain on Saturday.

    1. We are spoiled with a big closet. The closet in our last home was very small so I do love this one.
      Glad you are enjoying sunny weather too!

  4. Your closet is so tidy and I love the big window. I've seen dinky little windows in walk-in closets but never such a nice big one.
    I want to import Cardinals to BC. They are just so beautiful. I wonder if they'd thrive here?

    1. This is the first time we've had a window in a walkin closet. Lovely and bright in there.
      I just looked In my bird book and it doesn't show cardinals any farther west then Ontario. I didn't realize they were not out west. Cardinals would probably love it in BC!


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