Just A Memory.

I was doing some baking on Sunday and as usual the first thing I did was put on an apron. As I was tying it behind my back I had a flashback of watching my Oma tie up her apron one day when we were visiting. If my Oma was at home she most likely would have on one of her aprons.
I have 5 or 6 aprons that I use. The green one in the above photo was one of my parent's. Both my Mum and Dad wore aprons. We are all messy cooks! It is reversible with pockets on both sides. My Mum found it at a yard sale 20(?) years ago. It is very well used and getting a little worn. The blue denim looking one above I found at a thrift store 12 or so years ago. I think it is from the 1970's because of the fabrics that were used. I've washed it many times and it still looks good. Henny Penny makes absolutely beautiful aprons. Please visit her blog . You will enjoy it!

This apron was my grandmother's, my Mums Mum. My Grandmother and her sister were wonderful sewers and made all their clothing. When my Grandmother passed away 22 years ago I asked for one of her aprons. I have used it often over the years but I am careful as it probably is from the 1950's.
During our de-cluttering last week we came across Chuck's old Wolf Cub uniform. Chuck's Mom saved everything. Does anyone remember this club? My brother was in our local chapter in our home town. You had to do various activities to earn badges. I remember when Bob was earning his cooking badge we ate a rather interesting meal. My brother was not, nor is now, a cook! Chuck earned his science badge and housekeeping badge before his parents pulled him out. A disagreement with the leader if I remember the story right.
A few photos before todays storm.
Silly squirrel!
So pretty!
Early this morning as the snow started.
Everyone seems to be enjoying the suet.
Last winter we had no mourning doves as we had just moved into this house and there hadn't been any bird feeders here for years. So happy to have them now.
Ms. Tippy found a nut she had stashed away and was eating it on the neighbours fence.
One of my favourite dogs in the neighbourhood, Dublin, with his snappy new sweater.

The sidewalk plow just came by so we may try to venture out for a walk.

Everybody take care!


  1. Robin, here I was reading along loving your apron post and see Henny Penny! Thank you so much! There is just something special about an apron, especially the older ones. How neat that you have one of your grandmother's aprons. Anytime I see an old apron at a thrift store or yard sale, I buy it. Your animal pictures amaze me. That dove looks so soft and fluffy.

    1. You are very welcome! I love your aprons and bonnets. So pretty! I grab up aprons at thrift stores too but they are few and far between here.
      Thank you for your kind words about my photos. I can't imagine a day when I don't take at least a few photos!

  2. I love my granny-style aprons with pockets. Mom's made all mine, ugly fabric but no matter. I've been teased about them, but I really don't care, so practical. And I'm messy in the kitchen, when I actually bother to cook anything. So it's great to see some of yours!

    Dublin is all set for the weather, he looks like he's a cutie.

    Pretty neat that Chuck's old Wolf Cub sweater is still around. I was in Girl Guides very briefly, my parents couldn't drag me into Brownies when I was younger. I remember crying and having a fit, even though it was my school mates. Introverted, always! :-)

    Freaking' SNOWMAGGEDON here today! What a slog on foot home buses off the roads. I'll do a blog post later on. Take care.

    1. Oh I am glad someone else also loves aprons! You've never wore one in front of us!
      I think my parent's wanted me to join Girl Guides too but I refused. I am not big on group activities!
      I was wondering how you would get home. Glad you made it safe and sound.
      Take care!

  3. I have a number of aprons which I'm sad to admit I rarely use. My sister made me 2 lovely Christmassy ones and a Thanksgiving one too. If I remember to get one out I'll wear it but usually I'm in a hurry to get done and get out of the kitchen.
    I had a lovely Cooper's hawk in the back yard earlier. It was eyeing the birdfeeder but the little birds must have known enough to stay hidden because they were nowhere to be seen.

    1. I am such a messy cook I would ruin too many clothes if I didn't wear one!
      How fortunate you were to see a Cooper's Hawk. I realize they have to eat too but I am glad your birds stayed hidden. We had one too at our other house and he regularly grabbed mourning doves. Sad but that is life.

  4. Your grandmother looks so much like one of my grandmothers. I'll have to post a picture so you can see.
    Both my grandparents wore aprons. Made it easy to buy presents for them. : )
    Never saw my mother with one on and I don't wear one either. Though I think they are pretty. : )

    1. I would love to see a photo of your grandmother!
      I shouldn't be cooking in the kitchen without an apron. It took me a few years and some ruined shirts before I started to wear one full time.

  5. I love aprons and they remind me of my grandmas as well. Brings back so many sweet memories

    1. I remember my Oma kept her aprons on a hook on the back of the kitchen door. They were so pretty. I wish I had one now!

  6. I wish I had kept more from my youth. I suppose I never thought I'd get very old! I was never in Wolf Cubs but I knew boys who were, and when they had a meeting in the evening, they would wear their uniforms to school. The good old days...

    1. As I said above Chuck's Mom kept everything. The hard part is getting rid of it. Chuck's Mom died 23 years ago. So many things have memories attached to them.
      There certainly are things I wish I had kept now too!


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