"It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year."

It's finally Spring here in Ontario! It seems like a switch was just turned on and the beautiful weather arrived.
 We have gone from mitts and hats to t-shirts and shorts in one weeks time.
I found one! When Kim came to visit last week we checked out my favourite Antique store. You may remember the owners are retiring and selling off all their stock at discounted prices. I had been looking for a teapot with this pattern for quite awhile. Twelve dollars and it was mine! I have such fond memories of sharing many pots of tea with my Aunt Betty with a teapot just like this.
We had a road trip over the weekend so Chuck wanted to get the snow ties off beforehand. This is the latest we have had to have them on.
We paid Kim a visit over the weekend. We left early Saturday morning in the bright sunshine.
Kim wrote a post about our weekend so please pay her a visit to read all about it. The two cats above are her adorable boys, Nicki and Derry.
Chippy is very busy at the feeders and rather fearless too. He holds his ground with the bigger animals and birds.
A flock of Cedar Waxwings descended on the birdbaths a few days ago. This was the best photo of the probably 20 I took. They fluttered around so fast. Such beautiful birds. Sadly when I went out later to do a bit of gardening I found one dead. It was right beside the house so I assume he flew into it.
The gorgeous weather continues today. I have three loads of wash out on the line and Chuck is busy waxing the car. I noticed my tulips are up about 4 inches now and the grass is really starting to grow.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Okay, at least if Chuck's waxing the car it means he's not in traction from the weekend's efforts. :-D

    Those cedar waxwings are so pretty. I don't see them here, at least not in my immediate neighbourhood. So sad about the one that died, however.

    Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and the evening. It looks glorious out, can't wait to head home!

    P.S. I noticed the quotation marks. LOL.

    1. Your comment appears and disappears Kim. Strange.
      Chuck is perfectly fine. We slept really well last night.
      It is gorgeous outside. Windows open and short sleeved shirt on!
      Take care!

  2. Nice to hear you're having some warm weather at last. Cedar Waxwings are such lovely birds. Too bad about the one that didn't survive though.
    I have that exact teapot as well as another of the same shape etc. but it has a harvest type pattern.

    1. You really are having warm weather G.M! At least the few warm days we had pushed the flowers along a bit. Curious to see what colour tulips I planted last year!

  3. Those cedar waxwings are such cool looking birds. I've never seen one in person. They really do like like they are made of wax. : )
    Nice spring is finally here by me too. : )

    1. They are beautiful birds. They are not very vocal so you have to look closely to spot them in trees.
      Enjoy your nice weather!

  4. The cedar waxwings are pretty. I have not seen them here. It seems our weather was similar from winter to summer! Now it is to get a little cooler again but hopefully not freezing. I love your teapot find! You do better than I with three loads of clothes on the line! Nancy

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      We are cooling down a bit now too, but just back to normal temps for this time of year.
      We don't have a dryer so everything gets hung out on the clothesline if the weather is good.
      Have a great week!


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