Time Has Come Today.

Where did the week go? I checked this blog and realized I hadn't written a post in over a week!
If you read my last post you will remember I mentioned we were sending back to England a medal Chuck's Grandfather had won in 1911 at his grammar school.
We received an email yesterday stating the school had just received the medal yesterday morning. It took 6 days to travel from Canada to England. Incredible!
It takes longer than that to send a letter across Canada most times.
We are very glad the medal made it safely without being stolen. That was our big worry.
We have had a number of showings of our home, including one couple who came three times, but no firm offer yet. The selling season is getting off to a slow start here. Maybe it has something to do with the rotten weather!
Kim came down for a visit yesterday. We had a great day. We shopped, antiqued and talked our heads off. We are heading up to pay her a visit this weekend. More fun!
Look who popped by for a visit Monday. Jean Luc! I haven't seen him in a few weeks. He looked healthy enough, a little flea bitten though.
Toby was out to enjoying the sun.
I managed a quick photo of a female Cowbird. They are very skittish so this was a lucky shot.

It looks like we are final getting into some Spring weather. Today isn't that warm but each day it is supposed to get better and better. Yesterday when Kim and I were out we had a brief flurry of hail!

Well, I must go. Chuck is outside cleaning up the yard. I want to get my birdbaths out. I purchased a new bird feeder today and would like to put that up too.
Take care.


  1. Wonderful photos of all the birds, and how nice to see Jean Luc (even if he is flea-bitten).

    I'm impressed with the speedy overseas mail -- it usually does take longer than six days for mail I send to reach Halifax. Sad commentary on Canada Post!

    It was great to see you both again -- your house is immaculate and magazine-ready. I have my fingers crossed someone will fall in love with it soon.

    I'm sporting my new sneakers today, though didn't walk this morning. I'll walk part way home and see how they feel.

    Take care, enjoy this glorious sunshine!

    1. Thanks Kim!
      I was shocked to get the email stating the school had received the medal. The lady at the post office stated that as soon as the mail leaves Canada it moves very quickly.
      Hope your new sneakers turn out to be comfortable.
      See you soon!

  2. If you do move I bet all those cute animals will miss you. When I saw the bunny and the title, I thought for sure you had adopted a pet rabbit. Your pictures are amazing.

    1. Every time we move I worry about all the animals we leave behind. Thankfully in this neighbourhood many people feed the birds so I won't worry too much!

  3. It would be nice if the weather turned consistently more pleasant for you
    ( and all of N. America really. we had temps of 13 today which was warm enough that I sat on the porch but wore a sweater. Predicting 23 for Sunday.
    Hope you get a firm offer on the house soon.

    1. I think the weather is finally taking a turn for the better. We are supposed to be near 20 for Sunday.
      Thanks too for your good wishes.

  4. Glad to hear the medal arrived safely. : )
    I've been wondering about how the house sale was going. Thanks for the update.
    Great shots of your critters. The Robin my favorite!!

    1. Thanks Karen. I do have a soft spot for Robin's! ;)


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