Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Time To Say Goodbye.

When Chuck's Grandfather Charles Fox passed away in 1977 his Grandmother gave Chuck this medal. His Grandfather had received it in recognition of winning the chess championship at his school in 1911. As we slowly pare down our possessions, Chuck decided to write the school and see if they were interested in the medal for their archives. We received an email stating that they would be very happy to have it. So off it will go to England.What a journey this medal has had over 105 years!
Busy, busy in the yard with the wacky weather. This is the first Flicker I have seen in real life this year. Karen at "Life Is Good" posted a photo last week of one.
Beautiful, sunny day today but COLD! I put out some dried cranberries in hopes the Robin's would find them. It didn't take long for this Robin to find them. You can see we still have some snow on the ground.
I also put out lots of peanuts which this squirrel was enjoying.
A new suet cake went out too as the Grackles and Starlings inhaled the other one.
Look at the Goldfinches! In the last week they have turned almost all yellow.
I noticed this Mourning Dove as I was bringing in the wash off of the clothesline. I hung out two loads despite the cool temperatures. It dried in a few hours.

I hope you have a great week!
Take care.


  1. You had me scared with the words Time to say Good bye. I thought OH NO she's giving up blogging. Luckily its not so.
    Aren't Flickers pretty birds? Here they've begun that drumming on metal thing they do in Spring. To attract a mate??

    1. Sorry about that G.M! I thought of that afterwards too.
      Flickers are lovely. I love to watch them, so interesting.
      Take care of yourself!

  2. I thought someone had died, or that you'd had and accepted an offer on the house now.

    Well, I think it's really neat that the school is happy to take the medal for their archives. Yes, it's had quite a history!

    Gee, I'm not even sure I've ever seen a flicker in real life. I wouldn't even have known what kind of bird it was, had I seen it anyway!

    Here's hoping for some warmer weather soon. It's going to be messy here today and for the rest of the week. Bleh!

    1. Flickers are beautiful birds, rather big and very striking.
      I am off to do my errands this morning before the crappy weather. The weather man this morning said by mid-April we are supposed to be warmer. I noticed my tulips are all up. I planted them last Fall and I've already forgotten what colour they are!

  3. Nice of you and Chuck to offer the medal to the school. What a neat story. I've never seen a flicker. I saw the picture Karen posted and thought the bird was a woodpecker.

    1. Thanks Henny! It was rather hard to say goodbye to it. We mailed it off today. Hopefully they receive it and it is not stolen!
      I guess Flickers are not as common as I thought.

  4. When I first read your post title, I though you were going to say good bye to blogging. Glad that wasn't the case. That is nice of you to give the medal to the school.
    Thanks for the blog mention. : )

    1. I guess I shouldn't have titled the blog post that way! The medal is gone and we are happy it will be appreciated.
      Have a good weekend!

  5. Lovely bird photos! That medal is amazing. How great that you donated it back to the school for future generations to appreciate.

    1. Thanks Natalie! It seemed silly to keep it in a drawer when others could enjoy it.


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